Ready Set Grow (High Times Marijuana Growing) 3/7

Interaction with Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department part 3
September 10, 2010
What is the penalty for possession and growing marijuana in Japan?
September 10, 2010
BigBudMota asked:

Indoor Marijuana Growing


  1. IamLincolnLand1 says:

    everday is 4:20 for me !! damn newbies

  2. MrStealthGrower says:

    i have 24-8-16 is that ok???

  3. RaptureBN says:


    do you know how badass that would be? id be high as a fucking kite! 😀

  4. tcmatt409 says:

    “Plant A Seed or Clone On 420” – imagine everyone planting a clone or tossing seeds on 420 all across the world! Seed Bombs – Random Local Planting – Toss them around town or out of town during a road trip ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on 4/20/2010

  5. juniorgut1 says:

    @xnorcal not really at all unless you have a bug problem or dusty plants. or if you are cloning,

  6. xnorcal says:

    how often should misting be done in one day

  7. ManDown4 says:

    is it not true that when growing in soil or compost you do not need to ph the water ?

  8. xaviermockingbird says:

    Man I wish they had nutriens with seperate sources of individual specific nuts Nitrogen , potassium and phosfurous most importantly but then again I guessed mixed ones will mean buying less ferts and less mixing of nutriens and measuring and such .