Ready Set Grow (High Times Marijuana Growing) 2/7


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BigBudMota asked:

Indoor Marijuana Growing

21 comments on “Ready Set Grow (High Times Marijuana Growing) 2/7

  1. peanuts7854 on

    @whodwellswithin dude that was the best and saddest stories ever, do still grow or sell? if yes could i talk to you bout some herbish questions?

  2. xanos4225 on

    @ksavion “skunk” is also a generic term used primarily in the UK for high grade herb. Here in the States, it pertains to a certain strain that has that old school rank skunky smell to it.

  3. whodwellswithin on

    I`m from Ecuador, and I used to buy the entire plant from a very old indigenous man who lived a couple of hours away from the city. He had hundreds of HUGE plants in his farm.
    And all he did, was plant the seeds and wait. I wish you could see the pictures i have of that farm….awesome. He sold them for 80usd , the whole plant. Fucking crazy.
    Old man is dead now…..lots of people miss him.

  4. solodude23 on

    It’s a certain strain like any other that has specific qualities, like any other strain. If you go to various seed bank websites you will find weed seeds that you can buy that will grow “skunk” weed.

  5. solodude23 on

    Don’t worry about it so much. You *could* use a fluorescent but you’d be better off with a metal halide or high pressure sodium light. So all you will need is a ballast and the bulbs themselves, at whichever wattage fits your grow size.

  6. xaviermockingbird on

    Dude all this electricity stuff is making this realy complicated I just wanted to know what kind of bulbs to buy lol now ive got a whole ocean of problems to sort out .

  7. thedirtynasty on

    these videos made growing weed sound more complicated then cooking meth lol you dont have to know most of this stuff they should just say these bulbs are good and show us what is good to buy for a grow setup i dont want to learn a science lesson on what light does to plants

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