Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Anyone know how to start off an anti-drug speech, marijuana in general?
September 4, 2010
Going inside a medical marijuana growing facility
September 4, 2010
fjcruizlive asked:

Summer 2010- BC Crop, still has a while longer to grow..thanks for watching and enjoy.


  1. fjcruizlive says:

    @geebergrower In my town we have very vold winters and very short summers…i started them under CFL lights for a month.and topped them 4 weeks into Veg..happy growing….

  2. geebergrower says:

    Beautiful plants amigo. I have a small west. Wash. grow. How did you get these to flower so nicely in Aug. My stuff only started flowering right at the end of Aug. Is there some way to force them? Any help would be appreciated.

  3. fjcruizlive says:

    @oatbuck I started these girls early inside i did a month of veg,under flouresent.than brought them out side when the weather was hot.i can proally still grow them for another month yet.so far no sighns of brown hairs on em yet,,still got a ways to go.oh and the weather has bin fair.not too much rain this summer ..but i harvest them b4 the falls comes.thanks for watching.ill make a new videos closer to harvest.

  4. oatbuck says:

    Thanks for showing your garden, how do you deal with the weather if there is too much rain in the fall?