My Home Marijuana Growing Indoors part 1

what are first step if I want to start a Medicinal Marijuana dispensary?
September 20, 2010
anti illegal drugs
September 20, 2010
keebler97o asked:

Introduction to Indoor Home Marijuana Growing. A series of videos show plant growth and development. We also explore various techniques for care for your plants. “[ YARFLIX videos ]”


  1. kyranmylife says:

    @skitherbird1984 it tkes bout ^ months but its worth it there is many factors in that are u growing it inside or outside what r u using for food source for the plant are u giving it minerals these are many different things to consider messege me back

  2. mackie947 says:

    @RustRooster anywhere in the streets just look for somme arab .

  3. skitherbird1984 says:

    I live in Ireland and its hard to get good weed, seriously thinking bout starting to grow my own. Can someone reccommened good seeds and where to get them??? Roughly how long does it take for a plant to grow?

  4. travis7337 says:

    weed is god gifted to human we just need to understand that

  5. skiningspliffs says:

    i started smoking weed when i was 12 and im 14 now plus im not stupid and im not lazy i have a job that apy’s for my weed so there’s no problem just do it kid’s you only live once LEGALIZE IT !

  6. rasmusnalleko says:

    @xxuntouchablemanxx i started to smoke weed when i was 12 πŸ™‚

  7. chrisfreec says:

    @xxuntouchablemanxx dont do it, it’ll make ur lungs burst
    and it will make u incredibly annoying

  8. 30zNHC says:

    some of ya plants aint lookin 2 healthy dude

  9. stonedschicchi says:

    @xxuntouchablemanxx wtf.. all those likes shocks me… i smoke weed every day, but i still don’t think a 12 year old should…

  10. RustRooster says:

    Where do I get the marijuana at a young age?

  11. GuineaForce says:

    am 14 and I have same thing

  12. kkccxx33 says:

    @xxuntouchablemanxx go for it ! ahah

  13. cobraopts7 says:

    dude make sure marijuana is legal in your state or the feds will take the ip adress from were the video came from then raid your house

  14. rexvevo says:

    @XenomorphTest damn right

  15. TheFreakman says:

    The smoke a bowla website isο»Ώ pretty cool for growers and smokers.

  16. alwballe says:

    Then get some πŸ™‚ but get with some older friends the know the shit when you do it, first time is always the worst, but also the best. and i would still recomend waitn atleast 2-3 years πŸ™‚

  17. PDavidProductions says:

    @xxuntouchablemanxx do it. It’s not that big of a deal

  18. frankster262 says:

    aw man dont use miracle grow, keep it natural, well idk i might have to use some miracle grow, got any tips on keeping my little female alive? should i set upo sumtin inside or what?

  19. frankster262 says:

    @xxuntouchablemanxx do it man i started when i was 12 no regrets, just dont let it affect you in school and keep it limited

  20. Milosmilk says:

    @xxuntouchablemanxx uhhh don’t. Focus on school, grow up and then try it.

  21. djdogman says:

    @dwainohara your dump iv never killed a plant and i touch mine all the time

  22. djdogman says:

    @xxuntouchablemanxx im 15 and i say you should it takes stress out of life just dont get caught.

  23. KarlieTheHerbivore says:

    Where did you get the seeds?? Can you only get seeds for kush and all the good shit online?

  24. dwainohara says:

    i thout if u touch the plant it kills dem bc of the oils on ur hands ?/????