My Home Marijuana Growing (basic watering)


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keebler97o asked:

Basic watering techniques for baby marijuana clones “[ YARFILX videos ]”

25 comments on “My Home Marijuana Growing (basic watering)

  1. iShagNasty187 on

    thats thats dope but your lights are kinda close aren’t they. Oh and your nutrient mix with 84% nitrogen?! How’d you do it?

  2. Monkziez on

    @drmokedweed000 make that into a speach! MLK jr did it! and he won! so can you 😀 (just diffrent topics) 😛

  3. drmokedweed000 on

    I have a dream..That one day people won’t have to hide their face with mask when uploading how-to’s on growing

  4. peeterdeeterable on

    Some poor info but the insight about watering the edges of the medium is a great tip. It really promotes wandering, healthy roots, which along with focusing on creating a strong, thick stem structure has helped improve the vitality of my grows and ultimately my yield by over 10%. Focus on your weak points, because your product will only be as good as the worst aspect of your operation.

  5. cacknthemouth on

    1. use a container with drain holes and you likely never over water – not like this doofus
    2. if youre using tap water let it sit open for about 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate, distilled water is best…
    3.”it doesnt hurt to get a little folliage”… watering your leafs can cause molding, the only time when u would want to water the leafs is after cloning when the plant has no root system and its a misting at that…

    this video is completely useless and full of misinformation

  6. pennywiseAklown on

    My ph level for my citys water is 12 So i use
    well water …..Shoulda seen da plant when i first used it …

  7. iEatMinxyPeopleOMNOM on

    get more smaller bottles to speed it up, then have a drink dispensor, the big upside down bottle things to refill it, so much more quicker 😀

  8. wayz415 on

    Natural tap water is NOT good for MJ plants! Read up on it! Distilled water is best for your babies.

  9. wayz415 on

    nice explanation of the amount of water but what type of water? Is it really just arrowhead water? Distilled water is the best water to use. *IamFreeRu* I am legal but i’m in california, hehe.

  10. DraeRome08 on

    he said “they say” dumbass…and since acidic water is real good for plants, tap water has more acid than bottle water….SO WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN BOUT???

  11. 85rochey on

    hey dude my sativa is about the same size as yours but my top leaves are sprouted where i topped it and they are growing but the are yellow going green slowly whats this mean.

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