My First Marijuana Grow Box W/ CFL Lights – Do it Yourself Beginner Marijuana Growing Part 2

September 1, 2010
Is there still a debate on Medicinal Marijuana use in Canada?
September 1, 2010
growsomeweednow asked:

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  1. calebblock says:

    that growing box is weak sauce

  2. quinnryan45 says:

    mite want to put another fan suckin out hot air instead of jus 1 fan blowin in

  3. fattyikill123 says:

    first u dont fim a plant till a week or two before u go to flowering mode second just pull out all of those long stemed peices of shit ur g 13 seems ok dont fuck it up thanks for the baloon mylar tip ive been looking for mylar that no 1 seems to have. not 2 come off rde if i did. thatjust my 2 cents other than that great job either way ur ganna get some bud that u dont have to pay for. if ur card board box doesnt go up in flames before that JK but seriously put a fire alarm in there i did.

  4. 420grower420 says:

    looking at those burns, you’d probably be better off growin outside.

  5. ben10enbom says:

    heres how you fuckin grow check my vids you’ll see what i mean if you dont believe me check them out anyways.

  6. MrMERK19 says:

    @rockondon hey im making a pc grow box what should i use for the light because ima use cfl’s but i dont know the wattage and i dont know what 2700k or 6500k in wattage means plz let me know.

  7. BigBudBush says:

    u suck stop dicking around with that box

  8. VikingsOnCall says:

    mango kush.. god damn, some names nowadays. 4 strains people, theirs hybrids, with two diff strains, quit sticken em with these stupid fuckin names n call em by the strains

  9. moanjustin says:

    how many watts are ur cfl lights andhow many do u got?

  10. platnumcrk says:

    putting your plants all the way at the bottom and filling with dirt stunts the growth by pressing the tap root againts the bottom of the pot and not allowing it vertical growth

  11. 117Equinox says:

    you’re very wrong, not a hater, an advisor

  12. chevelle712k6 says:


  13. rockondon says:

    if yer using 7800k or 6500k you”ll be fine
    if yer using 2700k theyll stretch,you dont
    need 2700k for veg..just 1 14 watter is better or 1 walmart flouresent lamp 7800k
    is perfect 17watts

  14. NumberZero999 says:

    I hope you have a fire extinguisher.

  15. TheTropicali says:

    He wil have to get a bigger box and a good smoke alarm and fire extinguisher.

  16. bigtarrose says:

    what you gonna do when they grow?

  17. rcracer09 says:

    there you i think your snaping out on your shit

  18. Yorboxl says:

    i saw these vids a long time ago, no point in giving him tips, prerecorded at least a year ago

  19. themutherfunkinDme says:

    use a white reflecting surface instead of the foil, it will reflect the light without conducting heat, i agree w/ 117

  20. 117Equinox says:

    n00b grower.

    1. It looks like they aint 2 healthy
    2. Never use foil unless u can put it up without gettin a single crease in it cuz creases in foil creates hot spots, burning the plants
    3. You transplanted 2 early
    4. U need not just ventalation but good air flow going thru the grow space
    5. Look on the internet to get pointers on how to grow properly

  21. snatcher420 says:

    you could have waited to transplant…You can leave them in 16 or 20 oz cups for the roots to grow out, for 3 to 4 weeks..YOur on the right rack with the mylar and heat + plants to far from light = stretched out plants. Keep the close and you will have tight nodes. You have a long way to go before trimming any leaves, and at that stage they need all they have…but so far not a bad start…