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September 12, 2010
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September 12, 2010
northweststunner asked:

yes it does work


  1. SF1DANK says:

    What does it do?

  2. Mdroudian says:

    Grandmas has salt and blackstrap doesn’t; go blackstrap if you can. Wholefoods sells it.

  3. bbqsauce420 says:

    Wholesome blackstrap molasses works good too. A little more pricey but organic and has more nutrients. I used grandmas too, worked fine as well just had to use more.

  4. skinebo420 says:

    @oknbjiuhvcgy no sugar man!! when using grandmas molasses use one or two Tbsp per gallon..i use it on only two out of the 6 gallons of water that i feed for me……but i have heard of people using a cup of sugar and a gallon of water also. goodluck man

  5. oknbjiuhvcgy says:

    @ammocats In a one gallon container with water how many tsps. of sugar is required? Please reply, thanks.

  6. Insko says:

    I just started using Plantation blackstrap unsulphured molasses, I kinda like the smell of it but regret going in for a taste. I read that blackstrap is the best kind for the plants. I was going to get Grandmas but I did not see Blackstrap on the bottle. Maybe I missed it.