medical marijuana growing question onleaf tips 4-8-2010

Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Growing?
September 11, 2010
Im thinking of growing marijuana hydroponically but will my parents find out from the electricty bill?
September 12, 2010
kmhumphreys7 asked:

jus a quik question on wtf happin to the tips of this lady??? showing another medical grow location… any help would be great… thanks guys an gals… keep smokin..


  1. highwatersband says:

    check the directions, most food is half strength in soil as opposed to hydroponics

  2. highwatersband says:

    over feeding

  3. MrWolfy420 says:

    might have been a desease settling in thats prolly why when u cut it off it stopped progresstion maybe idk just a thought

  4. dudeilove says:

    listen lol. everyone tries to fuck with the plant . theres no need for fancy fancy lights etc. put it outside and let the bitch grow. thats it . just like the foreman grill Set and forget it.btu water it lol. sounds like a gay comment but its the truth

  5. MrKushkushkushkush says:


  6. kushbys1 says:

    looks like to high of fertilizer or somthin in that soil man. everything eles looks good i think .

  7. kmhumphreys7 says:

    @STickyFingeRKoMA well i havent heard that one yet but thanks.. it only happed to the one leaf. cut it off an the rest is growing like a weed no more problems except for a lil over feeding..

  8. STickyFingeRKoMA says:

    OCEAN FOREST IS SHITTY SOIL….stick with the happy frog itll treat everyone in the garden much better than that outdoor mix ocean forest……

  9. fozzythemexican says:

    so did you fix the leaf problem? If not it looks like a little stress. As long as no other leaf is affected, you should be ok. Transplanting, ph and air blowing on the directly will do that to the leaves. Let me know whats up in detail and i can fix it. Thanks for stoping by and commenting. I will sub to you. 🙂 god bless and OUT GROW THE WORLD!

  10. SuperGreenAcres says:

    ill agree on the wind burn. ive had that. i also see that with light bleaching and being on bottom i doubt it. also see this with a ph much movment up and down in ph or to fast. you water and feed same oh?…should be,l some dont ph water and is when i get that. but everythinhg looks fine. as long as it dot spread dont worry.

  11. MedicinalGrowRoom says:

    Dude it looks like wind burn to me I got the same thing once turn your fan away from them what is happening to them is they are not able to hold moisture with that much air circulation….. It’s not the soil but other then that everything looks great!!

  12. northweststunner says:

    i’d only worry if the whole plant starts to look that way. right now it only looks like 1 leaf or so is damaged, it’s probably just like WTF since the transplant. just cut the leaf off and hope whatever it is it doesn’t spread. GOOD LUCK!

  13. CannabisCladder says:

    i dont know what that is ,it happened to a few of mine if you looke back on some of the videos. I think that horsetail is right partially, I found that if you put PHed water through until you see a little water come out the bottom or even 4 cupsin 7 gallons (Ithink thatis what i have).it will make a difference hopefully someone will tell us both.

  14. MrHorsetail says:

    I’d place my bet on nutrient burn, but don’t listen because I’m not always right.

  15. 54475311 says:

    looks like nutrient burn to me, it might have been from nutrients….i dont really know your situation so i cant really tell you but thats what it looks like to me..also you should go check my channel out im growing some Lowryder #2 go check it out and tell me what you think