Marijuana growing wild 2006

Why do people have the impression that the FEDS will stop states from legalizing marijuana?
September 11, 2010
Is there a website that shows the amount of medicinal marijuana shops in each state that has it legalized?
September 11, 2010
IamAphish asked:

Part 2, more pictures and video of marijuana growing wild


  1. Omega3chimp says:

    how does it grow so fats i thought it takes like half a year to grow seedlings?

  2. theamazingplant2 says:

    nice! make sure you dont kill them. especially if their wild. make sure you spread the seed and clear competing brush

  3. Petruccibear says:

    Im just glad this video was flagged 😛

  4. KillEscort says:

    yay for abysmal video quality

  5. MeinataR says:

    notice theres no buds? ? ?

  6. vermonofdeceit says:

    where is this?

  7. badboylovesdisturbed says:

    omg where is that

  8. DyeDew says:

    It will be a dream come true if every grass on earth would be Marijuana!!!!

  9. Freedomisnorml420 says:

    if i was there, i would be picking as much buds as i could carry on me. 🙂 LEGALIZE THE GREEN!!!!!

  10. iloveaxe3232 says:

    when i walk threw a field of the same like million plants its a weed because it multiplys and has som,e thing like a seed pod or somthing like prickers or watever to stick to me and it slows me down this weed has sticky stuff all over when i run threw those fields and then i go home and smoke my legs XD

  11. Foxhoundkid450 says:

    Well if what your saying is right, then you must have smoked a fuck load then dipshit.

  12. Foxhoundkid450 says:

    On average some one is involved with a drink related accident every 30 mins, with some one ending up dead. On average some one is involved with a smoking related accident with some one ending up dead every errmm what is it now id say around 2009 oh wait still no deaths.

  13. eliasvigil says:

    Plus it makes you a dumb ass.

  14. stoned247ca says:

    FACT! 1.000.000 people smoke weed and 1.000.000 drink alcohol an average of 500 people of that 1.000.000 die from drink driving or some thing like that in 1 year do you now how many die from smokin weed 0 YES ZERO FUCK THE LAW

  15. oscarlitto says:

    Good to know at least I might find some quality if I go there. 😀

  16. Capazino says:

    hahaha, go on holiday to the nederlands and you can buy some weed frome me xD np

  17. dakratzman says:

    because if they legalised it everyone would have a cheap, easy to grow pain killer, food, hemp source (which has many uses) plus general all round feel good drug that they cant tax and makes people feel good which they don’t want.. (they want you to be unhappy and buying stuff) when your stoned all you going to buy is some chips and ice cream :D:D FARKEN SUCKS LEGALISE IT FOR THE LOVE OF &^%$*&%$^*%$^

  18. Rewritten321 says:

    U.S.A. policy on weed is bullshit
    alchohal is more deadly
    weed actually has pros not just cons
    cigs are fucking LEGAL

  19. oscarlitto says:

    I hate you!!! 🙁 hahaha

  20. wwwrenatobueno says:

    What is this song?

  21. victimizedsociety says:

    dude that shit is so real not even joking go ahead and call it

  22. GanjaMonsters420 says:

    i called like 3 months ago lol

  23. Capazino says:

    woow i live in the nederlands i smoke weed every day

  24. rrush2214 says:

    even if the government put a 200% tax on weed, as long as they made it legal to grow prices would still drop. Entire farms would switch crops from corn or whatever they were growing to marijuana and competition would drop prices…
    but your right legal or not grow that shit and smoke it, and keep the other drugs to a minimal