marijuana Growing Week 4 1/7 of flowering


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SOGrwing asked:

marijuana Growing Week 5 of flowering

9 comments on “marijuana Growing Week 4 1/7 of flowering

  1. APT420 on

    A few lower leaves turning yellow during flowering is natural. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a nute deficiency.

  2. conman300 on

    All I can say is that your going through a growth spurt and the plant is putting all energy into bud production, it can yellow the fan leaves in late bud. Is this an 8 week flower? Don’t worry it looks dank.

  3. sMoKeHaPPy420 on

    That looks soooo yummy!!!! 5 stars man! you think you can help me out with my plant? im doing o-k for a begginer also.

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