Marijuana Growing Out of Control!

Lawyers, if a cop is prescribed a card for medicinal marijuana in California how exactly would that work?
September 20, 2010
What medical conditions is medicinal marijuana prescribed for?
September 20, 2010
MedicinalGrowRoom asked:

A shout out to brs209 check out his DWC set up…. He is good at the shit that he does!!


  1. nanoisthebest says:

    @MedicinalGrowRoom wenever u can id appreciate it alot ..

  2. MedicinalGrowRoom says:

    @nanoisthebest just did the video today but haventt had time to edit and post it yet

  3. nanoisthebest says:

    so where u still going to make an update on dA blue widow

  4. nanoisthebest says:

    sweet check out my vids on an every week update, blue widow and super lemon haze r lookin awesome 🙂 just put them into flowering

  5. THESkunkMunkie says:

    Very Nice!! ;)…

  6. Brs209 says:

    thats good shit brother! thnx i appreciate it noone has ever gave me a shoutout like that b4 i dig your vids everytime you come with a new one i get excited to watch it i think your DWC is great keep it up and thnx again brother!

  7. REDNECKNRHR says:

    good lookin plants that is wierd how one is always smaller

  8. BlessedGanja says:

    thanks for the video brother bless!!!