marijuana growing from seeds to mature females(Time lapse).


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5629hustlers9268 asked:

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24 comments on “marijuana growing from seeds to mature females(Time lapse).

  1. rav3n001 on


    rofl, you can collapse your lungs by taking a deep breath.. marijuana is not a central nervous system stimulant. If you were to overdose on marijuana, you’d have to consume an arbitrary and ridiculously high amount of cannabis. Something like 1500 pounds in a matter of an hour (I challenge ANYONE to try that). The point is, there is not a lot of science out there to support cannabis. What we know is based on individual study and the observation of smoking cannabis for a millennia

  2. tattoojoe91 on

    @LabLaughs cannabis-seeds-bank . co . uk or nirvanashop . com attitude’s expensive but they got quality genitcs. Nirvana’s cheap and there genetics are better than bagseed and they’re cheap

  3. deadeyeselh on

    @LabLaughs Search your nugs and baggies. One day you may find one, or you can ask your dealer for a hook-up, assuming you already buy weed and smoke it…You can discretly order them online as well.

  4. deadeyeselh on

    @ItalianMr You can take a big bong hit of anthing that can burn and get a collasped lung, dumbass. Smoking dope is a carcenogen, so of course it’s going to irritate your lungs, thats only common sense.

  5. scryingeyes on

    This is absolutely an AWESOME video hands down! I loved it! Your ladies are stunningly beautiful! Loved the song too. Best ganja video on You-Tube! The reverse part was awesome too! Good job my man, good job. 😉

  6. abcbamz17 on

    sometimes i forget when im smoking that these buds used be alive. its so beautiful when they flower and overlapping and dancing as they grow.
    not a fan of the song to be honest, but i dont mean to criticize.
    great video

  7. anarchris on


    thats not an overdose.

    you have a genetic disorder or a pre-existing physical ailment. maybe from a car crash?

  8. 120jack920 on

    you can not over dose on marijuana. it can’t kill you. unless you got a monster plant like shorty did on scary movie 2

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