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If I have a lazy eye can I recieve medicinal marijuana?
September 21, 2010
What happens if the cops in Houston Texas tx find one marijuana pot plant growing in your backyard?
September 21, 2010
growingclosets asked:

Video Provided By: For more information visit: A small video showing what growing closets you can buy online verses what you can make yourself with stor-it-all cabinets and a little stoner ingenuity… Marijuana Growing Tips, Marijuana Grow Room Design, Marijuana Grow Guide, Marijuana Grow Box Closet


  1. DRPSYCHOTIC1 says:

    the light box is not sealed so the air the air will rise and get sucked into to vents connected to the lights…..

  2. MrDeception83 says:

    @growingclosets yo man i was just wondering what exactly a ballast is used for. i’m way too tired from work to put in any effort to research it, so hopefully i can look forward to your reply. thanks man. peace!

  3. digitalPimple says:

    So your sucking cool/clean air cooling the lights to a charcoal filter??? Whay?? They should be pulling the “old” air from the cabinets through the lights then filter. Yes your bringing in fresh air to the mounted table fans but what happens to that air??? See what I’m saying???
    This is why in later videos you purchased a Ozone machine to help with smell. Your not taking the smelly/old air out of the cabinet. You do not have proper circulation.

  4. 323Milhouse says:

    so wat kinda nutes did u use for this grow u got some nice fatty buds…

  5. RockyC609 says:

    Love your setup, Bruh! Everything looks like it came straight from a factory!

  6. deathman113 says:

    Most Likely he used a hole saw for a drill. just ask for hole saws at Lowes or a Home Depot. Hope this helped 🙂

  7. growingclosets says:

    @tleman1 maybe it was $400 for a 600 watt light and ballast…

  8. tleman1 says:

    @growingclosets six hundred dollars a piece for each light??? what wattage cuz i have seen mh and hps’s for 600 watt for 200 a piece!! thats a lot for that set up

  9. tleman1 says:

    @growingclosets six hundred dollars a piece for each light??? what wattage cuz i have seen mh and hps’s for 600 watt for 200 a piece!! thats a lot for that set up

  10. Pleiadese says:

    hey bud, what kind of tool did you use to cut holes in the cabinets

  11. balthazaa2001 says:

    Trying to rig up a similar setup myself, very usefull vid, thanks dude.

  12. growingclosets says:

    @JohnCougarFish23 about $1,800 total… including the lights at $600 a piece.. so $1,200 for lights and then about $600 for the cabinets and misc stuff… it paid for itself with the first harvest… (Costs about $50-$70 a month to run)

  13. JohnCougarFish23 says:

    @growingclosets How much did this cost total?

  14. JohnCougarFish23 says:

    this looks so complicated…I have so much to learn.

  15. Andyb2637 says:

    Lovin the setup, now lets see some results!!

  16. growingclosets says:


    No I do not flower with MH… I had both cabinets with MH because I was in vegetative stage in both cabinets.. now they are both switched to HPS for flowering… Then I’ll go back to one vegetative chamber and one flowering chamber…

  17. lakingsfanatic06 says:

    Do you flower with MH bulbs? I thought I heard you say you had MH in both cabs?

  18. kessmypersainass says:

    i love it brah i just wana see how big your budds grow..