Lollipop a Marijuana Growing Technique

marijuana growing from seeds to mature females(Time lapse).
September 2, 2010
who agrees that it is time to legalize medicinal marijuana?
September 3, 2010
LeatherBookVideo asked:

Showing before and after thinning using the lollipop technique. these songs have been stuck in my head for days now.


  1. 1HughGRection4U says:

    i get it, so sick of the lame ass little branches on the lower stalk that only produce small buds…this crop is getting lillipopped and topped -_o P.S. the fkn lollipop songs r terible bro

  2. surfallbeaches says:

    Cool video, very creative and informative…

  3. dirtbikemike69 says:

    Hahaha excellent intro.

  4. BigBudBush says:

    2k views and 4 comments = wtf

  5. teddet87 says:

    is this what lil wayne was rappn’ about?

  6. blancoitaliano says:

    WHAT SONG IS THIS??????????? at the end?

  7. Ninja8productions says:

    dear god warning these songs DO stick in your head!!

  8. Repin420 says:

    Sweet 5/5*****