Legal Prop 215 Medical Marijuana Growing | 2009 White Widow and Agent Orange Harvest The Attitude

The legalization of medicinal marijuana.what are some cons?
September 27, 2010
$600000 Marijuana Bust in Princeton, KY
September 27, 2010
bakedlikelays asked:

Just some photos from a past prop 215 grow. It’s haggard but it was my first one πŸ˜‰ Grew some agent orange and white widow feminized seeds from the attitude here,


  1. Energizer8Tea says:

    Love the slide show, how did you do it? What program?

  2. bakedlikelays says:

    @shtiken haha it’s all good. Thanks man! Stay BAKED!

  3. shtiken says:

    @bakedlikelays Oh, I feel stupid for not noticing “legal” and “prop 215” in the video title and in the beginning of the video.
    “well versed”, yeah I can see that from how healthy the plants look, great job.

  4. bakedlikelays says:

    @shtiken although I was pretty OCD with PH and PPM’s all throughout. I was fairly well versed on the process when I started…

  5. bakedlikelays says:

    @shtiken this was all just grown with CFLs! I’m 100% legal beagle! No worries! Prop 215 and SB420 friendly!

  6. shtiken says:

    my system is a lot more professional, yet your trees look a lot healthier than mine…. must be genetics.
    Good job, make sure you don’t get caught.

  7. gnawtie says:

    diggin the song too haha

  8. StonerSports says:

    @bakedlikelays just saw it, TASTY!

  9. bakedlikelays says:

    Video of the harvest is uploading…look out for it.

  10. bakedlikelays says:

    @STickyFingeRKoMA This was just my haggard ass first attempt last year. I actually finished all the plants in this video under my 600w LED System.

  11. STickyFingeRKoMA says:

    are u gonna get a 400wt??

  12. bakedlikelays says:

    @ESmokeDog Thanks dog! Yeah it did take a while to put together lol. It’s fun tho!

  13. ESmokeDog says:

    Very nice video bro,i bet it took awhile to put this togther.Nice job on the grow op.

  14. Richelles says:


    My life,vist it ,Thanks….

  15. btelles says:

    Great One…

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