Legal Medical Marijuana Growing | 2009 Attitude Seedbank Seedsman White Widow Harvest Shots

Free Minds TV February 27, 2009 (EP 99)
September 28, 2010
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September 28, 2010
bakedlikelays asked:

LED Grow Lights from PREMIUM Medical Cannabis Seeds from http


  1. SensiRootsBoy says:

    @bakedlikelays how long did u veg for and did u veg from seed ?

  2. bakedlikelays says:

    76g dried from the one plant. CFL light only!

  3. pointdexx says:

    How much dried?

  4. bakedlikelays says:

    @DREDD2001AD oh yeah! Stay bakedlikelays! Toke to ya later!

  5. DREDD2001AD says:

    Don’t you just love those BUDS.
    Bubble Love XXX

  6. bakedlikelays says:

    @jadecat4321 sounds like you need to a medical county 😉 Cali is nice

  7. jadecat4321 says:

    wish i had some weed.cant find any here and havent smoked in weeks im just too scared to order seeds online cuz i dun wanna go to jail

  8. SOMAWEED says:

    @bakedlikelays NOICE

  9. ESmokeDog says:

    Some very nice pics bro!! Would like to have that seting in front of me right about now lol.

  10. bakedlikelays says:

    @SOMAWEED fuck yeah – I’m waiting for some more beans for round 2 😉

  11. SOMAWEED says:


  12. gnawtie says:

    bet that smoked NICE

  13. StonerSports says:

    some tasty looking nuggets bro props