Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 8

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September 28, 2010
Anyone Know Any Good Methods to growing Marijuana outdoors?
September 28, 2010
cannabiscultivate asked:

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  1. Frankii3 says:

    @aaronwingard YES, very important for stem strenght, criculation and keeping himidity and heat to correct level.

    no fan = small buds

  2. newonet says:

    @TheWilletts But if you watch how it turns out, he has a pretty nasty plant with lots of colas cause he tops it. dont base your opinion on this one video. watch em all! nice job

  3. aaronwingard says:

    is a fan nessesary

  4. BlissableBuddha says:

    @MrMERK19 Bawhahahaaa…

  5. live2learn247 says:

    this is another video theft by those jack ass wanna be seedbank fuckers … if you wanna watch the actual persons video, his user name is Mystic0001

    I fukn hate these fucks!!! wish to hell YT would just yank every video with that stupid fukn link in it !!

  6. lip513 says:

    hey bro i was just on google and i saw your indoor weed setup on the image page

  7. BigBudGrow says:

    What soil u use

  8. 10mixon says:

    dude nice grow and u sound like nicholos cage the actor lol and u got any tips to sprout my seeds pleas there just not sprouting

  9. MrMERK19 says:

    kill that retarded abomination


  10. gabitoow says:

    overkill of lights

  11. scarecrow420high says:

    this grower does not know what he is doing.
    1: you don’t need so many lights when its that small. you only need 5 inches away from the plant.
    2: thr is no need for the fan when it is that small too.
    3: that pot is too big for that plant.
    thr is more err i see….
    Is this legal?
    but good job anyway=) i wish i could

  12. GreyscaleRoses17 says:

    Dude, you’re fucking hillarious. xD Sweet plant so far, despite his sick retardation. I’m watching the rest to see how huge it gets, because your set up is amazing.

  13. TheWilletts says:

    this guy is fucked up man lol

  14. somwangtawil says:

    this guy sounds ike the guy that freeky robot guy from grandmas boy lmao good plant though bro its getting there with the cheepy set up

  15. yamahait200 says:

    if there is only one plant in that box to much fann take the big one away and u should have made the ights on a drop system so u lower and raise the lights imsteas of using booxs and games

  16. primetimewh00 says:

    hahaha this dude is funny

  17. rain6000 says:

    very beutiful lol

  18. TheNumbr1fan says:

    when he said ” sickly retarded plant” it made me laugh hard lol..

  19. makeunameless says:

    your intro was retarded lmao