Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 5

Can I fail a drug test from second-hand marijuana smoke?
September 23, 2010
has anyone with high blood pressure been given medicinal marijuana?
September 23, 2010
cannabiscultivate asked:

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  1. MigDanskeren says:

    Does it really make a difference?
    I never use small pots. In nature they have all the space in the world and they grow fine.

  2. Jmanrolla says:

    dude use little cups first than when it gets bigger change it to a bigger pot. ITs growing slow because the roots are growing and stuff

  3. jaime17jen says:

    wut did ya ajust???

  4. joelfalero12 says:

    hey dont tell em how ta grow it, its growing aint it so he is doing it right

  5. ukulelex3 says:

    someone message me, i would like to buy seeds from someone for a cheap price?
    help me start growing some weed indoors, i would appreciate it if someone had extra seeds to give me ;]?

  6. THUMBZYE8 says:

    he cant read an the dumb fuck made the box with ajustable lights so hes using hes mothers literacher

  7. MERO812 says:

    wtf is with all the books??

  8. EASTLDNBOYZ says:

    cfls r pretty good and also cheap the admit the right uv spectrum very affective for growing hps i would recomend if u want to get bigger bud but still cfl will bud ya babies as long as u have a red spectrum!!!

  9. GoLdyiii says:

    you just said put them in a darker place then. other than that you need more light??? wtf

  10. adamgerardmiller1 says:

    next time you plant a seed make sure it is in a darker place. I planted some seeds on friday and they all sprouted on sunday because the seeds need moisture and you have to be careful about drying the seeds out. Other than that you need more light. good luck

  11. spaceoo0 says:

    those are big pots for your little plant

  12. Uniquegreens420 says:

    If you are using a Cfl.. You should lower it, or raise up your plants towards it.