Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 2

September 21, 2010
Marijuana Bust in Chicago Archival Newsreel
September 21, 2010
cannabiscultivate asked:

► ◄ If you are looking for a place to buy high quality cannabis seeds at a fair price, check out this link! It’s where I always order my seeds. ► ◄ how to harvest seeds how to harvest weed how to harvest white widow how to plant weed indoors how to plant weed…


  1. SHOMONTRE1234 says:

    @tylerayo let me get a couple bro

  2. YRUIM says:

    @hansvillehoodlum in the netherlands, where i live, its tollerated. so come and live here!

  3. tylerayo says:

    @jeykl6 sup

  4. jeykl6 says:

    @tylerayo hit me up fam

  5. tylerayo says:

    ive got seeds that only take 2 days to germinate and u can put them in dirt its hella good bud if u want some seeds give me a message back or thumbs up

  6. hansvillehoodlum says:

    why isnt pot legal? 50 million hits 50 million videos if we joined together and gave just 20 dollars to N.O.R.M.L. it would be. but everyone is to afraid of the “stigma of the stoner”
    they say marijuana makes you slow and stupid well i smoked pot from the time i was in highschool till i graduated college and now im a botanist so go marijuana without you i never would have read a boring ass book

  7. vaporny says:

    not hatin but if you gonna use the paper towel method the seed should be futher apart put the seeds in dirt (seed starter ) wit plastic cup plastic wrap with rubberband on top less stress on plant

  8. boredjavi says:

    isnt better to use a sponge?

  9. Rednj2 says:

    how long did it take for u to get them

  10. MacGear14 says:

    Yes, Nirvana is absolutely fantastic. Really quick shipping, had no idea the seeds were actually in there. Had to look for a while… won’t give details, but their hiding method is GENIUS.

    Plus, excellent genetics. My plants exploded out of the soil and haven’t stopped yet.

  11. dorito324 says:

    hey, did nirvana seed bank ship discreetly