Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 17

What explains the growing support for marijuana legislation?
September 14, 2010
How long does it take an outdoor marijuana plant to grow?
September 14, 2010
cannabiscultivate asked:

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  1. whitewidow1187 says:

    the reason why the leafs are chaning color is because the plant is taking phosphorus an redircting it to the buds,because phosphorus is wat buds wat you are seeing is 100% normal, u may wanna add a phosphorus mix to ur growing cycle. the last 2 weeks u wanna flush your plants to get rid of execese make the bud taste better.

  2. nicholebgm says:

    Yes it does smell its a good idea to get a carbon filter

  3. xOBZERVEx says:

    Does it smell up the room alot?

  4. ohiorainbow says:

    Did u start

  5. ohiorainbow says:

    So n the budding process … Lil

  6. ohiorainbow says:

    How long have u grew ??

  7. 11aamiller says:

    Hey if you can reply on this i would greatly appreciate it or if any one will. does the bud smell alot when its still on the plant? like will it stink up my house?

  8. aplastador123 says:

    @pidos847 here where i live is not a big deal if under 1 oz….they wont even care

  9. Hi4ofUs31 says:

    @pidos847 you just werent lowkey…..haha

  10. BigBudGrow says:

    herb is a plant that like to dry out from time to time you need good soil which you have so all you need to do is water like everyother day or so.

  11. cutthroatmafia4 says:

    well i got some seeds from some bags of weed i got off one of my ppl i bought it from it’s just some reggie and i had got some otha seeds from a little page of dro and im trying to plant it in the dirt somebodi hit me up and let me know how i should do it ima start my shit probably sometime next week i got some seeds though…

  12. pidos847 says:

    To all weed smokers, stop getting arrested for weed! I live in a state that locks you up for a seed! In almost every case I’ve heard of someone being arrested for weed, it was always a simple traffic stop that caused it. You get pulled over for no seat belt or a brake light was out and then the cop smells weed in the car. Next thing you know your in handcuffs and on your way to jail for a bag of weed, roach in the ashtray or a seed on the floor. STOP SMOKING WEED IN YOU CARS! USE AIR FRESHENERS

  13. sublimezeppelin says:

    this guy dont know how to grow nigga

  14. crazyladies406 says:

    All that it means when the leafs turn yellow is that it is almost time to harvest so you need to continue flushing it for the next two weeks until all the outer fan leafs turn yellow then you know she is ready for picking plus you need to be using HPS for flowering and not CFL!

  15. scarecrow420high says:

    it sounded like he was about to cry when he said “i think it will be good’ lol
    that plant affluently needed a bigger pot

  16. NathanAmaro says:

    2 or 3 times a day, not alot!

  17. MeinataR says:

    conmencent when the soil around the roots get dry water them normaly every 2 or 3 days

  18. subgraf says:

    Yellowing and dying of fan leaves this far into the flowering process is not uncommon for many strains of cannabis.

  19. patsfanatic84 says:

    how often do u have to water it once it sprouts after germination?