Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 14

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September 4, 2010
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September 4, 2010
cannabiscultivate asked:

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  1. PHATsessions says:

    what lights u running?

  2. importsc41886 says:

    @420Faygoninja that is a great idea leaving the lights on for 24hrs can be done but slow down growth because when the lights go out the plants do there growing from all the energy they made when the light was on.

  3. aaqilian says:

    the claim that cfls are not hot is a misnomer. They produce less heat versus incandescent’s but cfls acttally do get quite hot, especially under 24 hrs of being on.
    id say his distance is probably ok for now but not for long

  4. 420Faygoninja says:

    do you ever turn your grow lights off? or is that a bad idea?

  5. BroncRidah says:

    ya man move the light few inces taller and need somethin different than the mircle grow.even though its soil the hydro version of foxfarms gro big works great as well as adding some fish emultion

  6. edryan098 says:

    the lights are way to close to the plant, it could die.

  7. GreyscaleRoses17 says:

    The next time I grow plants, I’m deffinately copying you 100%. She’s amazing.

  8. miLioUdaki says:

    pretty cool 😉

  9. rain6000 says:

    fuck i gotta get workin on a storage..i plan on workin with 10 plants with my brother,your videos fuckin help man thx

  10. ps3stolenweedman says:

    oh ok that makes since thanks

  11. subgraf says:

    CFL’s produce very little heat, so you can actually get them as close as 1″ from the plant without causing any damage. I would actually recommend getting the plant as close to the CFL as possible to reduce ‘stretching’.

  12. CONCUSSION187 says:

    looks female to me

  13. ps3stolenweedman says:

    is’nt she a little close to the lights dude