Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 11

How long does it take an outdoor marijuana plant to grow?
September 14, 2010
Marijuana bust in Rexburg
September 14, 2010
cannabiscultivate asked:

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  1. dontfakedafunk1 says:

    where do you get fox farms from?

  2. mervmeza says:

    huge difference with the fox farms

  3. Fuzik93 says:

    nice girl 🙂

  4. dnl5649 says:

    oh my holy fucking shit!!!
    that is fast
    it usually takes 3 weeks to do that!

  5. rain6000 says:

    beutiful man thats fuckin awsome

  6. MazzyDreamer says:

    so fox farms it is! 🙂

  7. 123itsova says:

    holy shit was this your first time growing