Indoor Marijuana Closet Grow Op. Update – 9-24-10

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September 17, 2010
Chief Hawthorne Part 3
September 17, 2010
growingclosets asked:

Visit: for more information… Just a quick update to show the progress of the grow… Where I Buy Seeds… http


  1. growingclosets says:

    @true93rd once you start growing you will NEVER go back… it is a lot better, cheaper and more fun than the alternative. Once you harvest a quarter pound of your own weed, make bubble hash, and plenty of kief to smoke for days… ALL without leaving your house…. you’ll NEVER GO BACK…… so yea start it ASAP…!!!!!! I “highly recommend it”… =)

  2. true93rd says:

    your plants are awesome!!!! i want to start growing too dude!

  3. concernedagain says:

    LA Woman smells like dogshit 🙂 ,…and its very very strong smoke, nice sweet skunky taste,…too strong for me but that Lemon looks tasty 🙂


  4. growingclosets says:

    @DRPSYCHOTIC1 SUBSCRIBE to my channel… I am making a “How to make bubble hash” Tutorial with the harvest coming up next week…!!! =)

  5. DRPSYCHOTIC1 says:

    how do u make hash?

  6. Byakuyasamamark205 says:

    @growingclosets Hey, me again, my other account got the near ban hammer. lol Ummm. So they started to sprout and I have them in a big pot, mixed with some miracle grow seeding stuff and regular soil mix. Now, how often should I keep them watered and under the light again?

  7. thesokable says:

    you got some good plant going on man peace…….

  8. ByakuyaSama05 says:

    @growingclosets Thanks! 🙂 I got all the stuff needed. So just wait a few weeks tops?

  9. growingclosets says:

    @ByakuyaSama05 hydroponics supply store either online or off…

  10. ByakuyaSama05 says:

    @growingclosets Where do you get rockwool at?

  11. growingclosets says:

    @ByakuyaSama05 put your seeds in a wet paper towel for about (10) days until they sprout… then put them in a small amount of rockwool until you see roots… then transplant to a bigger pot… put them under metal halides for 18-20 hours a day… allow them to grow big…. then put them under High Pressure Sodium bulbs for 12/12 and let them flower…. then harvest – manicure and let it all dry…. then smoke it… REPEAT…

  12. ByakuyaSama05 says:

    @growingclosets Okay, but what about germinating the seeds to sprout? >.>

  13. growingclosets says:

    @ByakuyaSama05 watch the videos its all there….

  14. ByakuyaSama05 says:

    Question: What soil and ingredients did you use to make it grow fast?

  15. 4jane2man0 says:

    i came when you opened the closet (no homo tho, there all female so its cool)

  16. dbz32381 says:

    I have checked out all your vids. Great growth rate. Nice work. One question. What size pots are you using?

  17. Mifriku says:

    need some of those in my closet:D yummmy

  18. Growing559Style says:

    hey man any tips? your plants look really good and im a beginner so any tips help alot.

  19. GamerGirlpr says:


  20. Junkcommenter says:

    You insipred me ….. i just ordered white widow and Barney’s Farm LSD from attitude , hope i get them . 🙂 thanks for your vids , looking forward to your harvesting vids.

  21. GooDGR3EN13 says:

    your vids are one of my faves, fat bud straight from the cabs, i dig the lil clone dip you got to, kinda envy it lol. Great job.

  22. mark050505 says:

    The growth rate of your plants is crazy!

  23. mark050505 says:

    @bak3rbrand WTF!

  24. SashaRules31 says:

    that lemon haze is spastic! good work mate

  25. bak3rbrand says:

    jeffrey dahmer shoulda invested in a living air purifier… tisk tisk jeffrey