Indoor Marijuana Closet Grow Op. Update – 10-21-10

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September 23, 2010
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September 23, 2010
growingclosets asked:

Visit: for more information… Just a quick update to show the progress of the grow and answer a few questions… Where I Buy Seeds… http


  1. kildevlin says:

    Have you considered using a sulfur burner to help prevent some of the rotting problems your having? You might want to look into it. Also, I would try using CO2 to improve the yield.

  2. growingclosets says:

    @TheBluntmaster21 thanks!! Consider it done… \m/

  3. TheBluntmaster21 says:

    very nice yeild bro well done them colas are massive to you got about a pound to once u cure it good luck smoke a blunt for me man or a bong

  4. growingclosets says:

    @MedisMan I grow for awhile and then shut it down for awhile… When I need weed again I crank it up and start growing…

  5. growingclosets says:

    @81Kush I make hash out of all the stuff below the colas…

  6. 81Kush says:

    cut all that yellow lower stuff off its not gona yeald and it will take from your totoal weight

  7. MedisMan says:

    who the hell needs that much weed?

  8. WEEDHoustonTx713 says:

    nice,check out my grow

  9. reelthing4u says:

    looks dank.but have never seen trimming by burn.but it still a great grow

  10. digitalPimple says:

    No I see that but I’m not seeing you properly circulate the air inside the cabinet. Air should be brought into the cabinet then sucked out though filter to your garbage can. Seems you are not properly venting the closets. On fan brings in fresh outside air…another pulls air and smell out.
    The way you have it leaves all the odor still in the garage and cabinets. Your not properly re-circulating the cabinets. If I’m correct the charcoal filter is filtering fresh air – pointless

  11. growingclosets says:

    @h23a1boostn I have two intake fans circulating air through my hoods… and two intake fans bringing fresh air into my closets… one in each. Each duct fan refreshes 120 cubic feet of air per minute… and the cabinets are only 38 cubic feet.

  12. h23a1boostn says:

    So in total u have 3 or 4 ducked fans for intake/exhaust?

  13. growingclosets says:

    @digitalPimple in the left cabinet… the duct fan is in the bottom right side… the duct fan is hooked to the Dryer vent hose that has the fan attached to the top… the air is brought into the cabinet from underneath where it’s coolest and circulated with the small fan inside the grow… Its the exact same in the right cabinet… Only it’s on the LEFT BOTTOM… Basically the white fans you see are where the INTAKE comes in… =)

  14. digitalPimple says:

    It’s hard to explain. I saw all those videos… I’m not seeing an intake INSIDE the cabinet. I see you pulling fresh air INTO the cabinet though the inline fans at the floor. Where is that air going? Seems you out take runs through the cabinet/lights without pulling any air from the cabinet itself.
    Great videos BTW.

  15. growingclosets says:

    @digitalPimple I have a Vortex fan hooked up to the end of the hose running through a charcoal filter outside in a garbage can… I showed that in the first video on my channel.

  16. digitalPimple says:

    So wait. Your pulling in fresh air… but whats pulling out the air to the charcoal filter? Seems like you pulling fresh air from the ground, through the lamps, then out. Are there any out-takes in the cabinets???

  17. growingclosets says:

    @epicseeds There is no INCREASED TEMPERATURE… normal outside temps are between 70 – 110 degrees for any grower — period… the temps inside these cabinets are completely within range and there is no such thing as the perfect temp… different strains react to different temps. When you increase the lights, the CO2 and the nutrients… the TEMPERATURE MUST GET RAISED TOO…. or the plants will not be able to metabolize the nutrients efficiently… show me your grow with the “proper” temps

  18. epicseeds says:

    i agree they are looking good but i still feel results would be best accomplished inside a “proper” temperature range. what advantages do you feel you get from the increased temperature? yes, it will survive but honestly all i see are potential problems…especially in the roots. this doesnt necessarily mean it happens to you but i dont think it should be advocated to get temps to 95 degrees

  19. growingclosets says:

    @epicseeds 90-95 degrees is NOT excessive heat… some of the best Marijuana is grown outdoors in temps between 90-100 degrees.. if you read what he says in that excerpt..:: “In high temperature and “””moderate light conditions”””, the plant’s stems elongate.”… but it is a different story with :: “high temperature and INTENSE light conditions such as this grow or an outdoor grow where your light source is the sun… All I can say is look at the HUGE colas coming out of this grow….

  20. epicseeds says:

    they CAN survive high temps but it is not desired. why would you want to go above 85 – it only slows growth and causes problems. here is an except from ed rosenthal

    “Both excessively high and low temperatures can slow marijuana’s rate of metabolism and growth. The plants function best in moderate temperatures – between 60 and 85 degrees. In high temperature and moderate light conditions, the plant’s stems elongate.

  21. Bublonichronic says:

    @growingclosets i have been up to 95F before and plants still grew alright, but they grow better in lower temps no doubt, also if there is plents of air flow it helps with high temps ALOT

  22. growingclosets says:

    @outdoorgrowin watch the first video about costs and where to buy them. I usually have one veg and one flowering cabinet… but this time I filled both cabinets for a double harvest… the next grow will be 1 veg and 1 flower cabinets….

  23. travsyoutude says:

    looks like some good bud

  24. growingclosets says:

    @epicseeds … so what do outside growers do when the temps hit 100+ degrees…?? As long as there is plenty of space+light+nutrients+CO2 — temps in the 90 to 110 degree range are fine…