Indoor Marijuana Closet Grow Op. Update – 10-07-10

Marijuana Growing – Stoney Macgyver – Ganja
September 3, 2010
Why are there no medicinal Marijuana dispensaries in Alaska?
September 3, 2010
growingclosets asked:

Visit: for more information… Just a quick update to talk about Ph issues and digital Ph meters etc… Where I Buy Seeds… http


  1. casper5690 says:

    haha i have the same magnify glass hahaha

  2. casinthecity says:

    lol the bugs must be gettin high as fuck

  3. LibertyPictureFrames says:

    I’m a friend watching on Nirvana’s site. Thanks for all you do!

  4. negzero0 says:

    @growingclosets I geuss thats what they call sticky iky

  5. growingclosets says:

    @Pleiadese I just made up a bunch of PH balanced nutrients and kept pouring it in until the PH was at the correct level… I would drain the run-off and do it all again until the proper balance was reached… 5.8-6.2

  6. Pleiadese says:

    can you explain what you did to correct your ph imbalance…, i assume you were to alkaline, how much of the ph down did you have to add, or vice versa, and did you have to empty the reservoirs first before you added the adjusted mixture, did you just fill the reservoir or pour it over the rockwool?

  7. cowgoosechicken says:

    best pH explanation i’ve heard, thank you

  8. aaronwingard says:

    ice cream a blender and uhhh milk fall classic

  9. growingclosets says:

    @epicseeds I am using the regular recipe…

  10. epicseeds says:

    hey what feeding schedule are you using w the gh flora series? are you doing lucas formula or follwing intended recipe?

  11. growingclosets says:

    @negzero0 I did.. =)

  12. growingclosets says:

    @hellschild0666 BUSTED… Bobby Flay growing weed…!!!!!!

  13. hellschild0666 says:

    Dude I finally figured out who you sound like.. Bobby Flay !

  14. negzero0 says:

    Haha you said cum on your plants

  15. Bublonichronic says:

    iv noticed my super lemon haze is extreemly resiliant to unte def/overdose, keep up the good work man!

  16. rodneytrotter1976 says:

    those are some nice nugz brother..