Indoor Marijuana Closet Grow Op. Update – 10-04-10

When does marijuana start flowering outdoor in ohio?
September 18, 2010
What are the implications of medicinal marijuana ?
September 18, 2010
growingclosets asked:

Visit: for more information… Just a quick update to show the progress of the grow… Where I Buy Seeds… http


  1. growingclosets says:

    @Turbochargedss I have an Air Purifier… and I have the heat and air from my hoods venting outside through an activated-carbon filter. BUT… for the most part… I don’t really care about the smell.. I smoke so much weed in my garage that it doesn’t really matter…

  2. Turbochargedss says:

    how in the fuck do you keep the smell out of your garage?? doesnt it leak outside???

  3. growingclosets says:

    @britewired Never remove leaves that are not already dead… every leaf is a photosynthesis factory and is needed… removing the top leaves just makes the other leaves work harder to get the same results…

  4. britewired says:

    You should remove all the excess leaves.. so the light will reach the plants more

  5. dabadguy2006 says:

    nice plants/gorwbox dude…check mines out

  6. growingclosets says:

    @dbz32381 One fan is on at night but it really doesn’t have to be… I had my lights on for 18 hours a day during vegetative growth and 12/12 for flowering…. THANKS!!!

  7. growingclosets says:

    @heathwalker1987 CFL lights aren’t powerful enough.. I know they come out with new stuff all the time and the CFL lights are pretty powerful.. but not as powerful as the Metal Halide or the High Pressure Sodium bulbs.. it is usually 14 weeks from start to finish… 4 weeks in vegetative growth and 10 weeks for flowering…

  8. growingclosets says:

    @NunoTmp yes but it adds unwanted work… I have the height in the cabinets to just let them grow… so I cut out the work and just let them do their thing. =)

  9. NunoTmp says:

    ever considered lollipoping and/or doing a scrog? both will benefit you in my opinion..Nice work btw

  10. heathwalker1987 says:

    What kind of lights do you use? Have you heard of using CFL lights? How long does it usually take you from seed to harvest doing hydroponics?

  11. digitalPimple says:

    Cool can’t wait to see that. Those plants look huge.

  12. dbz32381 says:

    Do you have any of your fans running at night? How long did you have your lights on during veg stage? Lookin great. Keep up the good work. Rock and Roll!!!

  13. growingclosets says:

    Thanks for the kudos… glad you people like the videos..!!!! Makes it all worthwhile if I can share knowledge with others who appreciate!!!

  14. growingclosets says:

    @digitalPimple November 5th… or around that date…

  15. digitalPimple says:

    When is harvest??

  16. Clemtown44 says:

    your the shit bro, i wait evry week, keep up the updates

  17. plockdadoc says:

    yeah i also wait each week, the colas are lookin nice

  18. cmpkilyrslf says:

    man i wait each week for the updates cant wait to see done product

  19. cisneroscruz says:

    lookn great