how to buy marijuana seeds growing marijuana indoor soil buy weed seeds in usa


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growsomepurplepot asked: Check out this link now if you want to learn more about growing weed or buy the best weed seeds available anywhere! This is where I go to buy all of my cannabis seeds 🙂 growing indoor marijuana growing kush growing marajuana plants growing marijuana a closet growing…

14 comments on “how to buy marijuana seeds growing marijuana indoor soil buy weed seeds in usa

  1. kaleluk31 on

    you notice when he said the temperature goes higher, for a second he went the wrong way around the dial?
    i think hes smoking his own product lol

  2. macca2fly on

    just wanted to know what type of soil mix you use ?? i started with grow bag with nutrients added , nice and soft but over time it has gone stoggy ! should i add stones into the soil ??

  3. beginnergrow1 on

    @dabadguy2006 Yep, find your ph, then adjust it accordinly with basic stuff like lime and coffe grinds ect.. Then add your perlite and wormcastings, grow!

    This is by no means a professional mix, but it’s a start for beginners like you and me

  4. beginnergrow1 on

    I might try the jiffy pucks for a couple clones, I normally use rockwool with a gel hormone but I should try the jiffy’s.

    I also know this old timer who uses his own soil with no boosters. He claims that it’s all about being quick, sanitary and use the sharpest razors. He has a 99% rate, the 1% that die are from the cat, I’m jealous because I need rootech

  5. hidden4est on

    Super…we are not allowed to do this in Texas… Gov. will take you’re property, and shoot you’re dog…we are forced to support the Mexican drug war by buying pot that can’t get a fly high.

  6. punkrocker13590 on

    OMFG I CANT BELEIVE YOU GUYS MY FRIEND TOLD ME ABOUT THIS VIDEO AND THE DESPERATE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want fucking pot got to 181 green street abington massachusetts and there u go………….and if u cant just go to a black guy off the streets ; )

  7. dabadguy2006 on

    quick ??? , i got a pile of dirt, well it was a bunch of plants and leafs about a year ago but now its just a pile of dirt and i was wondering if i could use that to grow something nice 😉

  8. rudetc3 on

    help me out with something can you give me a link to where i can buy and recieve weed seed in the U.S

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