Harvesting Marijuana – (time laps).

I have worms eating around the buds of my outdoor marijuana plants. ?
September 21, 2010
Has anyone got got good results from growing marijuana with t5 tubes?
September 21, 2010
jmurp70 asked:

This is how I harvest my white widow weed crop….. Watch the whole process of harvesting & hanging marijuana from start to finish through time laps … Enjoy the end result. Music: Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie Rmx) Peace&Pot. J harvesting weed, growing weed, harvesting marijuana, growing marijuana, growing cannabis, harvesting cannabis, cannabis, marijuana, skunk,


  1. Jimborocknroll90 says:

    @jumpinjackfrost1987 no your right ive heard that myself

  2. jumpinjackfrost1987 says:

    @TheRedMontana1 you could but then it would just be a pipe and more harsh the water takes abit of the harshness away i think iv been smoking bongs for years thats what iv always thought correct me if im wrong somebody

  3. nontoxic20 says:

    @vIIJeNoVaIIv but cold water makes the smoke drier and hurts your lungs more, its best to use really hot water because then it is very humid smoke so it is easier to inhale and it doesnt give you cold lung if its cold outside also

  4. vIIJeNoVaIIv says:

    @TheRedMontana1 Water cools down the hot smoke so it goes down you smoother :p

  5. Vintagecasio says:

    great tune lad.

  6. zigggs1414 says:

    @fevershorty you can but dont because you want your bud lookin sexy and you dont wana be smokin leaves and shit save that for makin hash like he says in the video

  7. cushtybeans says:

    whats that song mate!?!?!

  8. barrius1234 says:

    @TheRedMontana1 the water acts like a type of filter purifying the smoke and it makes the smoke go down alot easier and for a reason I’m not aware of it gets you alot higher

  9. TheRedMontana1 says:

    well i’ma new-b at growin but can someone please explain to me what puttin water in a bong does, why cant yuh juzt smoke without the water?

  10. boyInDaUno says:

    why wOuld you make a video shOwing the ganja withOut telling the stats = like harvest weight.. dry weight.. flOwering time… lame video.

  11. ggrizzle says:

    @fevershorty it is recommended to trim the leaves right after harvest some people even start removing leaves a week or two before harvest…cutting the leaves off after they are dry or during curing can lead to a lot of problems such as losing tri-chromes and I find it much more difficult to get to the stem of the leaves when dry.

  12. annaboohey says:

    Oh my god that is BEAUTIFUL.

  13. fevershorty says:

    can u dry th enug w/ the leaves still on it or do you HAVE to cure them?

  14. LiveLavaLiveful says:

    You never get tired of counting money. Just like you never get tired of harvesting your hard grown weed.

  15. mctwistman119 says:


  16. ASphincterSaysWat0 says:


    Don’t be a Know-It-All-Nigel, let he do it how he pleases.

  17. 9DragonMaster says:


  18. caneywaney says:

    Does he have a prescription for that? LOL Oh I can’t wait until they do that in Pa. i’m soooooo getting glucomia then

  19. Dylandhd1 says:

    oh fuck that shit

  20. andrewherr1 says:

    dubstep and weed, what a combo =)

  21. glennawashere says:


  22. SUPRA1994superstreet says:

    @glennawashere dry first

  23. mycurse67 says:

    wow.. its that easy!? fucking dope man! 😀

  24. glennawashere says:

    wait.. you can jus pull it off the plant n smoke it or does it have to dry first?