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September 4, 2010
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September 4, 2010
kobtv4 asked:

best kept secrets in new mexico. who are the medical marijuana growers for the state and what do they have inside their facilities. kob eyewitness news 4 is the only station to ever take a camera inside a dispensary. and our kayla anderson was able to see how the non profit group takes the controversial drug from a seedling to medicine for patients. “southwest organic producers is one of 11 licensed medical marijuana producers in new mexico. we can’t tell you where their facility is. but you’ll be surprised to learn what kind of effort goes into growing safe and effective, high grade medical cannabis.” it’s marijuana like we’ve never seen it before. there are minute thumbnail 10:21 pm multiple, potent strains in this room … som- eight feet tall. and all of them with bulky, fragrant buds. “what you’re looking at is flowers, plants putting out flowers to attract pollen. by denying them pollen, we make them a more potent product, so much higher quality.” jacob white took us inside swop’s flowering room. from the ph balance to the nutrient levels… everything here is closely measured and monitored. the plants get a strict 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness. “they are essentially getting a whole summer’s and late fall’s worth of growth, in just a few short months, by the manipulation of the light cycles and the light spectrum.” clients of swop are licensed to receive medical cannabis. many of them have weakened immune systems… so swop works non-stop to


  1. Hardrocker1024 says:

    thumbs up for “Bulky, fragrant buds”!

  2. abbazin102 says:

    @gomashedpotatoes For legalization of weed we would have to reform our disgusting raping killing ‘goverment” we have first, if we keep them we are going to looz our rite soon, just watch or take take act.

  3. abbazin102 says:

    @AzngameFreak03 Never! the goverment keeps them alive because the less people alive the less money our goverment has to give money to, to borrow. And cannabis would drasticly take away and lower deathrates, thats why it stays illegal. Even though it’s a mental issue, because every one in this world was born to own they’re own body, which means people can’t harmyou if you don’t harm any one.

  4. gomashedpotatoes says:

    I have an advertisement on my sidebar saying “Is getting high worth your child’s education?” “Say no on prop 19” I’m sort of confused how that would ruin a child’s education, and plus the 4 billion dollars of tax revenue collected from taxed marijuana could be contributed to schools, plus countless more money would be gained from not paying for the war on drugs, or paying to keep non-violent offenders in jail, when we claim there isn’t enough room to put rapists, pedophiles, and murderers.

  5. matshadwhite says:

    Reality, mayne aint no body buy mi weed no mo, i caint affode to by nutting to kill nobody wit. LEGALIZE IT!!!

  6. WeedShack says:

    WeedShack . com is a Medical Marijuana Industry Directory providing Safe Access for Medical Marijuana Patients to get their meds!!!

  7. 4jane2man0 says:

    @EsClayWilson ill roll one up for you dawg

  8. darkpenguim says:

    8-foot marijuana plants? I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself in that room.

  9. Bublonichronic says:

    seh calld them budds, lol

  10. rogerlee337 says:

    i wish ohio would legalize marijuana……this plant is amazing

  11. NightManiacsInc says:


    yes, its not clear hash, all weed is coated with white crystals, thats the good stuff, thats where all the thc is

  12. cshargeit says:

    rewind back where they said crystal? like clean clear hash?

  13. slimdragoon3000 says:

    Legalize POT!!!

  14. EsClayWilson says:

    I wish I was still getting high

  15. krislin9 says:

    trichomes not trichRomes

  16. commandyou says:

    This has got to be the most unbias news story on medical marijuana I have ever seen.

  17. ashash4tube says:

    there not the first

  18. LJOESOBE says:

    POT BROWNIES!!!!!!!!!!

  19. AzngameFreak03 says:

    Wait, they said “non-profit”…? Lets see someone from the alcohol industry doing some shit like this.

  20. thrasher1100 says:

    bulky fragrant buds!

  21. TheSandrag18 says:

    you know thay relly get high in taer

  22. texican512 says:

    throw your pills away, that synthetic crap that gives worse side effects and do more harm to health than weed does.

  23. chrissalfordswift says:

    hes a mad guy ha

  24. souparman says:

    that dude is off his donkey !!!!

  25. ACMEHydroponics says:

    I’m going to guess sativa – Super Silver Haze.