‘Fake’ marijuana growing in popularity

what kind of chemicals are needed for growing marijuana?
September 7, 2010
Marijuana Bust at Sobriety Road Block
September 7, 2010
WOODTV8 asked:

The newest trend for people who want to get high without using marijuana is called K-2, or “spice.” But just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s safe, doctors said Thursday.


  1. PDavidProductions says:

    @tavonevox16 It’s not shit. Brands that I would recommend are Spike Max, Ak-47, and Spice Diamond. They are much more intense than weed, but don’t last very long. Also, be careful of how much u have, cuz it can give you a horrible panic attack

  2. tgm5150 says:

    @PARKOUR204 get legal bro get a medical card. you can have it on probs or not brotha

  3. cicero55555 says:

    man, its fucking salvia but just shitier

  4. PARKOUR204 says:

    Juss tried spice 2 dayz ago for tha first time!!!
    I like it cuz for 1, its almost as good as weed, nd 2…since im on probation…it does show up!!haha

    TRY SPICE. monkey funky!

  5. tavonevox16 says:

    They recently started selling this in gastonia & charlotte north carolina.i heard it was shit though,I’ll try it sooner or later