CFL Marijuana Growing – Episode 4: One Month Into It

the best marijuana growing guide pt1
September 14, 2010
what do you think about lrgalizing all drugs?
September 14, 2010
doejohn779 asked:

20 plants, 12 ladies, one dead dude, 7 unknowns, 33 days into the flower chamber. Also an update on the veg chambers and the music is courtesy of The Killers and The Submarines. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts. Peace.


  1. doejohn779 says:

    @hippiecorndog no it’s actually a garlic flavored grass someone gave me. it’s a good meat seasoning…. ppp

  2. hippiecorndog says:

    Looking good, and those are onions thrown in there too i presume?

  3. marvelous211 says:

    that sativa is awfully short. You need vege longer

  4. WEEDHoustonTx713 says:

    nice plants check out mine

  5. RADICALdudeLMAOO says:

    do u have a fan running on them ?

  6. williepie says:

    what wattage are those bulbs?

  7. EyeSimplyBaked says:

    lookin good as always!