buy purple haze marijuana growing marijauna outdoors

Im thinking of growing marijuana hydroponically but will my parents find out from the electricty bill?
September 12, 2010
Is it wrong to leave my husband if he continued to smoke marijuana after he promised to quit?
September 12, 2010
growingpurplehazepot asked: Check out this link now if you want to learn more about growing weed or buy the best weed seeds available anywhere! This is where I go to buy all of my cannabis seeds 🙂 growing indoor cannabis growing lights growing marajuana outdoors growing marijuana a closet growing…


  1. bossmane369 says:

    that shit looks dank 5000 yo. fa realla tho gorilla zoe

  2. balrog1111 says:

    plz somebody anybody i wann purchase PHaze seeds or any weed dat is good

  3. QkumberMDK says:

    whoooaaaoooo bla kck betty! bam ba lam nigga

  4. edwin22ification says:

    @freespirit166 wtf are u talking about u just cant afford it

  5. socfriend420 says:

    i get this every day

  6. cocacolaman55 says:

    these are best pictures ive ever seen AMAZING

  7. xjordanx232 says:

    why is it called purple haze?

  8. freespirit166 says:

    That stuff makes you craaaaazy.only idiots smoke tis shit

  9. bluntman305 says:

    fire nice shit bro!! >_O

  10. blboun13 says:

    good music good smoke peace 😀

  11. Lucicbruins17 says:

    hey, i fely bad 4 u guyzs b-cuz like 2,00 pppl hav watched this but u got no comments. but i like he da haze. plz do not respond to this.