YouReviewers 2013 Nominations!


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YouReviewers 2013 Nominations!Check out our podcast on Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckmann will be on tomorrow! The Schmoes let everyone know the YouR…

48 comments on “YouReviewers 2013 Nominations!

  1. Jesse Cormier on

    if TDKR wins for ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY best picture, I have no faith left in humanity.

  2. LightStorm33 on

    wtf i was trying to be friendly and just shoot some ideas why do you have to be abrasive god damn why are people so fucking mean on youtube you can ever have a normal conversation without people being assholes fuck off i was trying to brainstorm with a fellow fan

  3. BeyondTheHorizonsTV on

    Well I’m not xD But I really don’t understand your point. It’s like if you told me that Jason Vorhees’ performance was better than DiCaprio in Django xD It’s makes no sense. We don’t see his face god dang it xD

  4. pauliewalnuts100 on

    Are you sure you watched both movies because I can’t help but think you’re just some non-sensical DiCaprio fanboy.

  5. BrockHernandez on

    looper deserves to win for breakout performance – pierce gangan he was fantastic

  6. iamBIGBROOX on

    Well sorry but your ideas is piss poor. If you really want a subscriber choice award or something stupid like that, go make one yourself. The Schmoes and Jeremy Jahns don’t need to waste they’re time making that too.

  7. TheEasyRider1212 on

    I think anyone who’s seen at least 60+ movies per year could vote… and how the hell would it turn into a popularity contest?

  8. Bisbeatle on

    I can’t believe Chris Nolan didn’t get a nod for director, Michael Caine for supporting actor, or Christian Bale/Tom Hardy for actor!

  9. SNAFOOinc on

    I hate those people who post ads for their stuff in the comment section, but I’m gonna be one of those people. This is the Connor Awards. I’ve been doing it for myself for 6 years, but two years of the website Prezi. It is like the YouReviewers Awards, but I have to see the movies myself, and I see a pretty good amount of movies. Please watch.

  10. George McCann on

    I’m shocked people thought Silver Linings Playbook was a comedy. It’s far from that. I has a few funny moments but in my opinion very far from a comedy. I feel like a lot of people missed the harsh reality the film was portraying.

  11. veteransglitches on

    wouldn’t work, i doubt many people have seen all the relevant films out this year like the schmoes have

  12. ilovekelly75 on

    I do think the fans would make better choices than they do with the People’s Choice Awards, because the people who watch these are the real movie fans, but they still haven’t seen a lot of the limited releases, so I actually agree with the decision not to have the fans vote.

  13. pauliewalnuts100 on

    DiCaprio was incredibly hammy and overracted every scene. There was a degree of control and subtlety to Hardy.

  14. Jack Tilley on

    its dark ill say that but at the same time i laughed more at that then i did for any other film this year other then seven psychopaths

  15. LightStorm33 on

    no what i meant was you do fucking both for example it shows who they picked as best director and who we chose as best director and you know what fuck off youre a shitty person with poor social skills you probably dont have many friends dont respond or youre getting blocked

  16. Robster Reviewes on

    No offense and I don’t mean to be mean cause I think your reviews are cool but you still need to see some movies nominated. Silver Linings, Master, Dark Thirty, Beasts of S. Wild, Moonrise Kingdom and some more.

  17. vincent Biello on

    josh weadon should go cry in a corner because you put him in and not nolan and um why isn’t the avengers in biggest stink pile

  18. Mc Kenna on

    I think Ang Lee should have at LEAST made the list as Best Director for Life of Pi.  That he brought an impossible story to the screen, and did it so breathtakingly, AT LEAST he should have been nominated.

  19. Stonewolff on

    When and where will be your award show, to which I am looking forward since the moment I first heard who will be there, actually posted? Will it be on YT, Toadhop or somewhere else? Thanks

  20. gurtagel on

    hey… shouldnt the youreviewers have been up by now…..? it is a week before the oscars

  21. TheJmlew11 on

    I just realized that Hugh Jackman isn’t up for best actor, pretty shocking actually.

  22. veteransglitches on

    the subscribers awards wouldn’t work… i doubt many people have seen all the relevant films that were released this year like the schmoes have

  23. pauliewalnuts100 on

    That’s why you wouldn’t nominate him. Eddie Murphy got a Bafta nomination for Shrek and it was well deserved. Hardy’s performance is all about imposing prescence he has in every scene and it’s usually always about the eyes.

  24. mofallsmobuckets on

    people if you are bitching that some reviewers have become more popular on youtube, MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN REVIEWS. Simple as that.

  25. MrBronwaugh on

    A snub for ”Perks” in Best Picture category…? And not a single mention for ‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’.. Other than that… a good list. I hope Skyfall gets a few wins.

  26. Russell Higgins on

    How has The Cabin in the Woods not been nominated for shocked it didn’t suck? Every went into that movie expecting another shitty horror movie and came out with a fantastic critic of all horror movies.

  27. LondonsUrbanLegend on

    what if can’t fully relate to any of the reviewers , because I haven’t found someone who likes exactly what I would and shares my opinion , yet . But who cares your show and what you are doing is great and I am sure my vote would’t have made a difference anyway

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