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March 27, 2013
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March 27, 2013

Watching Them Watching Me Watching Them IITo be able to get three still shots of Boarder Patrol Vehicles at one red light are not that uncommon. For many years I have seen these Boarder Patrol vehicl…


  1. Nate Furman says:


  2. scottj19x89 says:

    Border Patrol is also used for patrol in places like Detroit… Southgate is close to Detroit… go figure.. You need a hobby ya weirdo.

  3. scottj19x89 says:

    guess what Mr. Lawyer… there’s a difference between detaining and arresting someone.

  4. JesusDillinger says:

    Universal affirmatives can only be partially converted.

  5. jkop48473 says:

    Pour the coal to them!!!!

  6. RDJim says:

    That last clip is worth watching over and over again.

  7. scottj19x89 says:

    ….. think about it. if there was nobody to protect our borders connecting us to Canada, where would Al Qaida come in from then? hint: our Canadian borders

  8. flyinbry says:

    Federal presence is necessary to desensitize the masses.

  9. Lrothtube says:

    Dude is this video, Southgate, ? I notice Eureka, I am orginally from Wyandotte…

  10. portyMD says:

    Cops always think they are above the law, they think they’re right, specially if they have a buddy right by them, maybe they should focus on what the real problems are, and they need to workout, fuck them pigs i hate them all. All piss and vinegar with a gun on there hip and a badge

  11. savemyrepublic says:

    I believe our government have plans for a total take over of the people of this country. They are preparing to declare Martial Law. WHY are these Boarder Patrol EVERYWHERE? To protect our boarders? I think NOT! I have NEVER heard of a single Illegal caught in SE Michigan!!! EVER

  12. sideways586 says:

    “You’re here to uphold our constitutional rights…..and now you’re not?” Oh man that was priceless! hahaha That was right on the money.

  13. Paperclown says:

    i don’t understand this though. This is detroit ? They trying to keep Canadians out ? hahaha what ?

  14. kingofwild100 says:

    Its just bp agent passing by not them stalking you…..this video makes no sense.

  15. savemyrepublic says:

    Its now known as the Republic of Southgate. Trust me, you better have your ducks in a row if you come for a visit. Make sure your Government Papers are in order, you can be held hostage. But of course if you appear to maybe be a illegal immigrant, no papers required. Be Well

  16. JordanGray88 says:

    You’re a conspiracy theorist… I wish people like you would choke on a nugget

  17. savemyrepublic says:

    I feel this way about everything our government touches. These geniuses tore up this two miles of road and reduced it to one lane, in Oct 2012. Every day now cars are backed up and I do not see any work going on. May not see any work done till spring. What a bunch of garbage!!

  18. crayonplane says:

    Now I am watching you, watching them, watching you. They may be watching, but other people are as well and wondering what is going on down there. Nice touch using Paul Robeson, usually I’m hearing the Red Army Choir. I also like the sound of the camera clicking it gives it an ethereal quality.

  19. JesusDillinger says:


    That cocksucker told you he was demanding you ID because you took his picture.He says he is detaining you. Look up how the courts define “arrest.”

    BROWN V TEXAS. He is in the wrong, and you can take him to the cleaners for at least $500k. All you have to do is learn to file a title 42 lawsuit. You can also slam his ass into prison pursuant title 18.

    Learn for free: westudylaw. o r g

  20. Paperclown says:

    can you recommend a good resource to educate people on their constitutional rights against corporate municipals and what really is the extent of their limited power jurisdiction?

    been reading up alot lately on how disorderly conduct and public intoxication commonly gets prosecuted. ‘fighting words’ to incite a riot and the potential for a hazard off a highway sidewalk seems to be overly misused in unrelated situations.

  21. Nate Furman says:

    What city do u live in? Im in westland.

  22. motrhead69 says:

    Border Patrol have a new “base of operations” on the corner of Gibraltar and Jefferson roads….

  23. HerosComment says:

    You need to start looking around michigan, every where I go I see construction areas with all the cones up and everything but nobody is ever working there, no people. They just end up later coming down, I think someone is stealing the money and pretending to do road repairs or projects, I have been seeing this for years now. I have a feeling we have a thief in charge of this crap that is getting rich off the federal tax payer money grants.

  24. Romper Stompist says:

    Lol these people are fucking idiots. I was talking to a lawyer friend of mine that deals with them on a daily basis. He was astounded by how insanely stupid most of these people are. I told him that I have been keeping track for years, and recommended your channel. 🙂 Which Russian song btw? Very catchy.

  25. ShadowWarriorCalm says:

    I am liking these videos. We know all this is going on, but seeing them on video shows others the truth,

  26. chrissindone76 says:

    In the past few yrs I have been seeing more&more border patrol here. I live in,monroe now but grew up mostly in wayne co. downriver areas.

  27. savemyrepublic says:

    Boarder Patrol are Public Servants, they work for and are payed by WE THE PEOPLE!!! They exist with the consent of the people. It is the duty of the citizens to be vigilant to ensure our rights are kept sacred. Thank you LORD for the Internet, we may have a chance to save the once greatest nation.

  28. Matthew55904 says:

    i dont fully understand this 1 y take the pics of boarder patrol?

  29. HerosComment says:

    I see cones and barricades going up in every city, they sit there for about two weeks or longer and then they just come down, nothing ever is done, someone is scamming that money, I know this is the only reason to do this. There is no other reason why they would do something like this. NONE. Unless it was for show only.

  30. chrissindone76 says:

    I see your in michigan. My grandma lives in,that tall building behind the gas station. Fort&pennsylvania rds in riverview-southgate border

  31. mma moose says:

    Why Don’t You Video By Dearborn Ave/Jefferson Detroit Aim It The Building Lets See That Tough Guy

  32. Mark Foster says:

    You’re just another cop baiting sissy, bitch. You’re nothing in this world. Harass some real criminals, and I’d be impressed. No, you harass cops because they won’t do nothing to you. Go to some known crack dealing areas and start filming. You’ll get what you’ve been craving; your camera shoved right up your ass.

  33. ShadowWarriorCalm says:

    wow, taking pictures is against the law. LOL > ‘ . ‘ <

  34. 2hottie69Forever says:

    Mark foster below is proof cops are hot headed homosexuals, thank God for every single cop murdered in the line of duty.

  35. Paperclown says:

    are black people required to show identification ?