W. Kamau Bell Has A Mixed Race Baby – CONAN on TBS

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March 27, 2013
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March 27, 2013

W. Kamau Bell Has A Mixed Race Baby - CONAN on TBSKamau is charting her skin tone progression with Michael Jackson CD covers. More CONAN @


  1. gamer4ever15 says:

    This guy is hilarious

  2. Sabrina Dean says:

    I think more people looked at my mom funny than my dad. I tanned up pretty fast, and at a time of more open racism I got her more problems as a symbol she was with a black man.

  3. Javier Benites says:

    he is funny as shit

  4. babe ruth says:

    hmm. black comedian talking about race.. very original.

  5. twil7272 says:

    well im glad you found out 🙂

  6. pitstopass says:

    Downvoted, white power!!!!

  7. Peter Tran says:

    This guy is hilarious.

  8. TheStacia6195 says:

    I LOVE w. Kamau bell and idk why u all are being so negative toward it. And that cant possibly be the onlu reason he is with her. He is an amazing comidien and doesnt deserve to be bashed like this.

  9. treed958 says:


  10. moeezS says:

    He has his own show on FX “Totally Biased”, it’s pretty awesome and damn funny.

  11. matriarchyTimeNiigas brown says:

    Wow he is a disgrace to us black African people. He hates himself & trying to validate his existence through having a white wife & mixed child. I feel sorry for his wife, he only married her because she’s white.

  12. Rubi Martinez says:


  13. Michael Choe says:

    this guy is extremely funny.

  14. Ben Dover says:

    what issue?

  15. Sabrina Dean says:

    Is he trying to say that my mom was a trend setter way before her time?

    I think once I looked at a picture of me as a newborn and asked my parents “whose that baby?”

  16. Howard Duck says:

    hes german lol the joke does make more sence when hes saying hes american,actually

  17. HiMyNameIsDannny says:

    I have no idea who he is but he’s funny.

  18. Qispo says:


  19. matriarchyTimeNiigas brown says:

    Only a self hating black person or s non black person would think this is funny. Whites loves to see blacks cooning & acting a fool.

  20. IMadeYouRageQuit says:

    i was a mixed race baby before it was cool

  21. ahu31 says:

    who are you! you’re so funny!

  22. thebeatled says:

    Exactly… Boring as hell too.

  23. Marcus Larsson says:

    Rofl this guy is so funny. How have I never heard about him?

  24. treed958 says:

    Lou ommdk Emma..

  25. thebeatled says:

    Exactly… Boring as hell too.

  26. thebeatled says:

    Exactly… Boring as hell too.

  27. namesOnkeL says:

    Hahah, now that was funny.

  28. Zefram0911 says:

    I feel racist for not liking his show, but it’s not great.

  29. ciddler says:

    This seems to only be an American issue.

  30. XeroFailGames says:

    um…my mom and dad are black and when i was born i looked white..so its not just a mixed baby thing….

  31. LondonChicka007 says:


  32. trumpethero9 says:

    i enjoy conan so much more than the tonight show

  33. IkigaiJin says:

    I love when the guests make CONAN laugh! (50 secs in)

  34. thebeatled says:

    Exactly… Boring as hell too.

  35. Devilsean says:

    Your a dumb shit.

  36. bangurdead102 says:

    I thought it was a little weird the good for you thing with the white guy with the black kid… black dudes are known for wanting white women, white men and black women don’t have that relationship… so its kinda braver as far as social barriers go.

  37. treed958 says:


  38. Paddy O'Dore says:

    He has a show on FX called Totally Biased. Here is a clip from the first episode: /watch?v=4sZTV0NYstE -There is also a channel on YouTube called TotallyBiasedFX.

  39. Sean D says:

    lol black dudes are know for wanting white women lol, and its never way around? racist much?

  40. IkigaiJin says:

    You mean to tell me, Racism is only happening in AMERICA?!! Prove to me, NOW!