Virtual Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop (Led Zeppelin full cover)

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jamesnorthernva asked:

“Misty Mountain Hop” by Led Zeppelin as performed by Virtual Zeppelin (jamesnorthernva – vocals, jun626 – guitar, vanderbilly – guitar, billymegawatt – bass, MG4150 – drums and bitwonk – keyboards) * All sound in this video was created and recorded by jamesnorthernva, jun626, vanderbilly, billymegawatt , Bitwonk and MG4150. This performance contains no audio from any other artist(s). ** The use of any copyrighted material is used under the guidlines of “fair use” in tittle 17 § 107 of the United States. Such material remains the copyright of the original holder and is used here for the purpose of education, comparison, and criticism only. No infringement of copyright is intended. “Virtual Zeppelin”


  1. breech123 says:

    Wisconsin loves you guys!

  2. Goatbaggage says:

    Another 5 star cover for sure guys but the drummer’s kick mike needs the level turned up very slightly maybe. The tom mikes should also go up just a little, great tuning of your kit though and spot on playing mg4150

  3. Cldfsn0200 says:

    i really wonder what Robert Plant and Jimmy Page’s reactions were when they first saw your videos? That would be almost as cool to see as they videos. LOL!

  4. vanman9607 says:

    WOW!! Another amazing video guys.

  5. primusguy12121 says:

    another amazing cover guys.

  6. BehindTheScreams says:

    Good job on everyone’s part. Including the editor. and applause for that sweet ass rickenbacker

  7. odumsux says:

    saw you guys for the first time today. Blown away. Every one of you spot on. Great idea, great production. High Marks Lads…and I’ve listen to Zep my entire life religiously. Blown away.

  8. kevinbreen says:

    Great. As always. Well done. Here’s one for you- why don’t you reproduce some of, if not all, some bootleg stuff? I’m thinking of 1971 September in the Osaka Festival hall (Osaka Kouseinenkin Kaikan) that’s one hell of a gig there, brilliantly recorded, except the vocals are mostly inaudible. Hell, just get your guy to vocalize on top of it all. Thanks, in advance. よろしくお願いします。



  9. thepoopshootmagee says:

    you can sing, jesus christ, i am so happy i came upon your videos

  10. arsia00alex says:

    i dont believe these vocals are not plant.

  11. Aerozmith says:

    @netowner666 besides zepplin >_> lol

  12. YShattered says:

    There is no better cover then this.
    AWESOME Guys.

  13. dylanh182 says:

    @netowner666 i know right,hes really good

  14. netowner666 says:

    why arent you already famous? you’re by far the best led zep cover band ever!

  15. T0WER0FPlGS says:

    This deserves so much more views.

  16. sshonuff says:

    Super talented thanks for sharing! WOW!

  17. HoneyDJon says:

    that rickenbacker punch is what makes them my favorite basses, but i guess if you wanted to go with a more authentic led zeppelin feel the j-bass would be better.

    So I clicked this thinking it was going to be some sort of digital zeppelin tribute with synths and reinventing the music and blah blah blah, but Oh well.

  18. LouddrummerO says:

    I was waiting for some more Zep and it was worth every minute! This is the best tribute to Zeppelin here on the tube in my opinion! You guys have all my respect and more!!!!

  19. egnbigdave says:

    Brilliant stuff – vocals are spot on. I’d invest in a decent Fender Jazz though, the Ricky is a pit too punchy. Apart from that brilliant

  20. mg4150 says:

    Hey sucks-to-be-you-sticks!
    Here you are again with your teen-age style comments.
    You should stop being a coward and post from your main channel.
    Don’t be a chickenshit. Grow a set of Huevos!

  21. SickSixSticks says:

    Look at tubby the whale on the drums!

  22. davemis40 says:

    Superb .. its the vocal that sets your stuff apart from the other Zep waanbees … first class.

  23. toomanywaystofall says:

    Great Stuff! Appreciate everything you guys do!



  24. jamesnorthernva says:

    HiMrjakes12. Thank you. We don’t compress the vocals.

  25. mrjakes12 says:

    Note For Note Guys, fantastic, perhaps a little less comp on the voice, drums up & drum overheads down a touch lol! Na you guys Rock! Seriously Cool! Seriously!