Two Cougar football players arrested in marijuana bust

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September 30, 2010
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October 1, 2010
KXLY asked:

This is the kind of news Washington State head coach Paul Wulff doesn’t need right now. A pair of Cougar football players were arrested early Sunday morning on College Hill in Pullman for an alleged marijuana grow operation.


  1. seattle420 says:

    marijuana should be legal- ther is no reason to wreck this players life over growing a flower

  2. seattle420 says:


  3. diballynibally says:

    Help legalize Marijuana go to the non-profit web site norml(.)org. From there you can send an E-mail or print a letter to send to your local government officials in favor of Marijuana legalization. Let your voice be heard! Together we can make a difference!

  4. peterpotpie says:

    Gosh! These athletes don’t seem lazy and out of it to me. I also remember an Olympic star who seemed to be a able to win medals, even though he smoked cannabis.
    Do you think that maybe the government has been lying to us? duh….

    Vote YES on prop 19.

  5. drbiomed1 says:

    When is the government going to stop interfering with people’s freedom to use and put in their bodies what they choose? Well, it will start with legalization of Marijuana in California. Buy long term option Puts on the Prison system industry prevailing in California, because their stock should start plummeting when people realize or stop denying the side effect of legalization. It’s about time the prison industry stopped enjoying the blooming growth from putting non-violent people to jail.