Timeshift – The Cannabis Years

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January 6, 2012
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January 6, 2012

Timeshift - The Cannabis YearsThis British documentary traces television and the wider media’s reactions to cannabis, from the hysterical vilification of the drug in the 1930s, the punitive measures of the stop and search laws and prison sentences for possession, to the more considered debates now taking place and the real possibility of a change in the law. The story is told through program clips from the BBC archives, newspaper headlines and interviews. It covers the high profile star busts of the 60s and 70s (when people


  1. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    27:24 Don Letts mentioned that Punks weren’t able to roll their own spliffs. But if Punk Rock Legend Mick Jones wasn’t fired from the only band that matters The Clash (Punk + Reggae). Then the only band Don Letts is known for called Big Audio Dynamite would have never formed with Mick Jones!

  2. WeAskThePeople says:

    the LAW has always been backward , blinkered , opinionated , moralistic , ideological piss farts , laugh at them & tell them to nick OFF.