The Fentanyl Experiment

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May 14, 2012
May 15, 2012

The Fentanyl ExperimentDOPAMINE ON FACEBOOK: Follow me on Twitter: @TheRealDopamine Download my mixtape for FREE at DatPiff: A man on Fentanyl… “Fentanyl is a synthetic primary μ agonist opioid, currently the most widely used synthetic opioid analgesic worldwide, with a primary potency approximately 81 times that of morphine.[1] Fentanyl has an LD50 of 3.1 milligrams per kilogram in rats, 0.03 milligrams per kilogram in monkeys, and an as of yet undetermined LD50 in humans; however, ana


  1. AlyssaQ420 says:

    No. I’ve worn a 50mg fentanyl patch for 3 days, but I didn’t take any other substances while I was wearing it. Whatever sedative he was on must have caused this kind of reaction with fentanyl. So you’re right. Sedatives combined with opiates will probably make you loopy as hell.

  2. theeturnone says:

    or Versed is also common

  3. tannerkey says:

    @oneswinter u are absolutely correct

  4. foodstamps4me says:

    realsonn3 is right unless he was a junkie he would be puking off that shit.who in the fuck would give someone fentanyl for dental work anyway.His family is way too square to be like they are.why did you even tag this shit like u did.Id like to hit u with a dart gun with bout 70 units of black tar thick as honey in the rig. i bet you wouldnt be having so much fun.fucking light weights acting like they had dope,id love to od your ass and leave u infront of a hospital and burn off

  5. theeturnone says:

    @RipTheJacker0 they give you the Fentanyl and benzo combo to put you to sleep for oral surgery.

  6. LucidDream says:

    Cool story bro.

  7. grandmanuts says:

    okay like i could give a fuck about that

  8. phuckingemailmehere says:

    he just got a dental procedure done watch the video in full, he doesnt have a patch in his mouth its packed with gause because he got his teeth pulled.

  9. oneswinter says:

    psh if he was really high his eyes would be pin points

  10. fabjonjon says:

    I am sucking on 25mcg Mylans right NOW! Was building engine for the past 48 hours and my back is killing me. Hope it kicks in I just cut it in half and place under my tongue, ten mins later I start chewing and it seems to work.
    No breathing probs here. hahhahahaah lucky or tolerant…either way I didnt die.
    Happy for that. I am effed up.

  11. Neeseius says:

    This is assuming were talking strictly about non legitimate opiate users. Genuine users with a dependency aside, I simply do not know a single person abusing opioids on occasion to be using fentanyl. It’s suicide

    Yes I am aware its often used by heroin addicts. Heroin addicts are not recreational users. THEY ARE ADDICTS

  12. jjdino24 says:

    hahah ur a joke… someday ull wake up and realize ur a joke and ur life revolves around gettin high…. at least i cant admit im an opiate oxy fetty addict… ull get it someday lil peter 😉

  13. abk4202020 says:

    This is how people die. im a recovering heroin addic and i dont fvck with fentynal this sht is no joke. this is whats killing people on the street. i saved my moms life 3 times from fentynal OD she had a patch in her mouth and a patch on her back…

  14. vap420 says:

    Ok whats supposed to be entertaining me in this video? Am I missing something? It just looks like some tool bag with his parents driving around in a car, with nothing funny happening whatsoever

  15. foodstamps4me says:

    realsonn3 is right unless he was a junkie he would be puking off that shit.who in the fuck would give someone fentanyl for dental work anyway.His family is way too square to be like they are.


    Omg She rubbing on your head. Oh shit you gave blood!!! So must of got your teeth pulled.

  17. MarkMurder724 says:


  18. Ac1DGoD says:

    were you taken the 75mcr over 72 hours trans dermal systems?

  19. youngdopa says:

    thumbs up for the CREEP driving the truck!!!

  20. TheTiffani1980 says:

    Get tha fuk outta here,LMFAO

  21. Woozygulag says:

    Idiot, this guy has obviously been to the dentist. She even refers to her dad at one point.

  22. bonjouresseuse says:

    Absofuckinglutely RIGHT!

  23. laudiumWP says:

    Versed IS midazolam…Versed is the brand name of the drug midazolam.

  24. movadoband says:

    they are all using fentanyl,no need to buy opiates from poppy farmers.

  25. LAcoFIREguy says:

    Yeah, he is a idiot actor! So lame!

  26. dieselskyy says:


  27. tyme4mike says:

    LOL I’d say Tolerant..I’m on 125mcg of patches(yes..125)every two days and have very little problem with my breathing.

  28. dillononeill123 says:

    he just got out of most likley having his wisdoms taken out, which is quite painful and coming off the sleeping gas is TERRIBLE.

  29. Neeseius says:

    I will say this person is without a doubt NOT on fentanyl. Fentanyl has no recreational use because IT WILL KILL YOU. Unless you’re terminally ill and have been on ipioids for a long time, you could not possibly get a script for it. A single dose of fentanyl is fatal.

  30. laudiumWP says:

    Well they gave him more than just opioids. They also give a benzo with it. probably midazolam

  31. MrMikeyboy1002 says:

    You can safely dose fentanyl without a tolerance, especially with Fentanyl HCL, in a liquid for easy measurement.

  32. kipptumor says:

    Stay away from the pain killers. They love you, then they hate you.

  33. ejijah14 says:

     for sure they mix it with heroin now and shit and it kills hella people

  34. nmfmacgyver says:

    what a dumb cunt

  35. MrMikeyboy1002 says:

    I haven’t used heroin since March… How does that make my life revolve around it? Maybe one day you will realize you just have zero self control, but not everyone is like you….

  36. MrMikeyboy1002 says:

    I use heroin about once every 2-3 months.. Is that not recreational?

  37. BMXer053pc says:

    fentanyl comes in a mouth swab…… low dose

  38. Neeseius says:

    The only people who use fentanyl are opiate dependent. That means their use is hardly recreational, and more like medicating. After you’ve reached dependency, I’d say your use is no longer recreational, you’re just an addict. Since you’ve got to have a tolerance to opiates before you could safely dose fentanyl, and tolerance is equal to dependence, dependence is equal to addict, and addict is not a recreational user, fentanyl is not recreational. That’s my logic.

  39. subslament says:

    Fentanyl is so fucking stupid man. Its cool if you use it as directed… But I hear stories ALL THE TIME about people who try and eat that shit or something and DIE.

    too dangerous

  40. Whiterhin018 says:

    thats not true at all lol.

    a single does COULD EASILY KILL if you are stupid enough to take fentanyl and not know the risks in their entirety and realise that fentanyl is active on a microgram level. It does have recreational potential.

  41. Dynoriderx says:

    lol relax bro..take a step back and just relax

  42. gyselboy says:

    why would you explain how to do it ? that dont make any sense thanks know I exactly what to do not very bright

  43. REALs0nn3 says:

    This is, for anyone with a brain, quite obviously taking place outside of a Dentist/Oral Surgeons office. The guy has gauze packed in his mouth after most likely having a tooth/teeth removed. You are the idiot. You ignorant dolt.

  44. ThaGodWeCreate says:

    i hope this generation is wiped off tha earth…you guys are a waste of skin

  45. snake172 says:

    you obviously never took fentanyl then. plus this is probably his first time.

    you mix the two and you will start acting like a monged out assclown…….

  46. Georgie2500 says:

    Hey everyone, I’m prescribed 240 80mg Oxycontin’s and 180 2mg Xanax bars a month for my cystic fibrosis and am willing to help anybody out who is in pain and needs some meds for cheap but can’t afford a doctor/medicine for whatever reason. I get them covered by my insurance but in the past have had to pay for it myself and know how expensive they can be! I have a lot leftover which I’m not using and would love to help a fellow pain patient out so send me a message if interested, peace…

  47. KarbineKyle says:

    Seriously. This is why the youth of our country is SO DUMB! Not just drugs, but simple education! Find a hobby, or do something to help the world! I knew A LOT of losers like these! Glad I etched them out of my life, or they would have consumed me to their level!

  48. AlyssaQ420 says:

    Opiates never made me act like that, no matter how much I took.