SW Portland Marijuana Bust

say my bro is growing marijuana illegaly and my parents dont know, i call the cops on him who gets in trouble?
September 30, 2010
DEA Raid on Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco
September 30, 2010
portlandpolice asked:

Feb. 11, 2010 – A Southwest Portland neighborhood is minus one drug house.


  1. chrisgadowskivideos says:


  2. Beatz4RMGRAPESTdealr says:

    too bad they dont know about us niggaz from grape st that stay posted up on 174th and powell.

    We got dank buds all day

    ask around about that nigga Beatz from the grape st

    me n that nigga Merk got it all

    fuck the police

    Noy Beatz and Merk we runz all the drugs

  3. 420Cannabis says:

    You’re so cool for busting that guys little grow op he was probably just smoking most of it and selling a couple dimebags to some kids who gives a fuck go bust a methlab you piece of shit

  4. A40HourTrain says:

    waste of time, go find the hard drugs you fascists

  5. spamerman says:

    Fucking pigs, this is portland theres a meth lab right next door and where are the cops? Busting this guy for what looked like 5 plants.

  6. obray317 says:

    fuck the police

  7. tgrr121 says:


  8. maggot4life1990 says:

    @PortlandGREENS who got stopped?

  9. Andrew300082 says:

    Although I expect police to act this way, it begs the question why authoritarian neighbors are such nasty busybodies. What the hell difference does it make if the pot is grown 1000 ft or 5000 ft from a school? Fact is, any high school student can get marijuana if they know the right people.

  10. rakershine says:

    sigh, herbicide

  11. Yougotbeasted says:

    Damn that was a shitload of weed

  12. aceindahole says:

    “is minus one drug house.”

    Do you seriously fucking believe that marijuana is a drug? If not medicinal, it is the most harmless recreational drug on the face of the planet. I’m not going to rant, but seriously everyone who supports this bust of two old people need to take a serious look at themselves and their morals.

  13. TsCrusher666 says:

    End the war on personal freedom.

  14. PortlandGREENS says:

    The grandparents are great people.

  15. SirSampsonSimpson says:

    If you can heal the symptoms but not affect the cause, it’s quite a bit like trying to heal a gunshot wound with gauze

  16. SolarEXtract says:

    FYI youtubers, my comment is directed towards local lawmakers, not local law enforcement. It’s the policeman’s job to enforce the laws, not create them, so it’s not really their fault that they’re wasting time and money on stuff like this. If you want this crap to end, talk to your reps and vote!

  17. bcopplepdx says:

    this is such a waste of our tax payers money.

    its just marijuana. why dont we go shut down every store that sells tobacco, something that actually kills people.

    portland police and all these guys are a joke to society.

  18. clashincuhlaz says:

    They have their medicinal growing licenses. did you really have to take their plants. just give them time for the selling to non medicinal people. now the medicinal people have to find a new caregiver. why would a judge grant a warrant to enter a medicinal growers house. THESE WERE THE JOKE PORTLAND POLICE. not the DEA. its legal to grow and sell here. For the people that don’t like it, there’s a consensus in this state that it’s not that bad. so people suck it up and worry about worse things

  19. IrishRugby05 says:

    Well done Portland! Keep up the hard and often thankless work that you do!

  20. Trance2mind says:

    Over medicinal plants.?WTF?
    I didnt hear meth,coke,herion or guns!
    & if your going to whine and say oh well someone complained!
    That shouldnt mean a peaceful person should deal with criminal BS!
    The complainer is obviously some asshole that just wanted to get off on having someone busted! just some asshole & their corupted beleives & un educated mind!
    So because some ass wanted to get off, You willing to DAMAGE a life, SICK!

  21. mymanhiggins says:

    wow congratulations! Portland is definitely going to stop smoking weed since you busted these people…..not. Get real police. We are paying you taxes for a reason, to stop crime! not to arrest people for growing marijuana. This city will be smoking weed until the day it crumbles so please stop wasting OUR money on petty things like this. And if you are going to make pointless arrests like this at least don’t make it public. you didn’t bust a drug house….you busted a plant house.

  22. AbstraktTV09 says:

    AMEN….No shit!!!!!!

  23. AbstraktTV09 says:

    Good too see you got that community good and brain washed …crack house’s and meth labs just not your concern anymore is it? Get rid of the plant that heal’s people in so many way’s…but continue too allow harder drugs too run the streets…great population control guys …good job…..your idiot’s …BAD FRUIT WITH LOTS OF FRUIT FLIES hovering around you !!!! The sad thing is…they were probably reported by the neighbor that is selling the harder drug’s.

  24. SirSampsonSimpson says:

    oh and nice under armor turtle neck you fagget ass pig. you look like a broken condom