Several drug suspects illegal immigrants Biggest Marijuana Bust WI


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GREEN BAY – Eight men, all charged in a major marijuana growing operation, appeared in federal court Friday. A judge announced all but one of the men are here illegally and will be held for deportation. Their names are Genaro Avila-Rodriguez, Salvador Montez-Canchola, Raul Juvenal Avila-Rodriguez, Jesus DelaTorre-Avila, Javier Navarro-Zargoza, Gustavo Barragua-Mendoza, Jorge Omar Perez-Hipolito, and Adalberto Valencia. The man who allegedly ran the growing operation, Bernabe Nunez-Guzman, also appeared before the judge. Nunez-Guzman’s attorney says his client is living here legally. Land records show Nunez-Guzman and his wife own two properties (303 13th Ave. and 969 Howard St.) in Green Bay. They are also the owners of the house near Seymour (W1684 Highway 54) that was raided on Tuesday. Nine men were arrested at the home near Seymour and authorities say they found an elaborate marijuana drying and processing operation inside. Authorities say it is connected to several marijuana growing sites in Menominee and Oconto counties. Investigators found nine grow sites in the Chequamegon-Nicolet Forest alone. Authorities refuse to talk on camera about the specifics of the growing operation but court documents say Nunez-Guzman played a leading role. Confidential informants told investigators that Nunez-Guzman was “the boss” and coordinated the movement of marijuana plants from the grow sites to the processing site. Bernabe Nunez-Guzman will appear in court again next week for a

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