Robbery Gone Wrong! RIP After This Slap to the Face!


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Robbery Gone Wrong! RIP After This Slap to the Face!The guy on the right slaps the guy on the left so hard.

32 comments on “Robbery Gone Wrong! RIP After This Slap to the Face!

  1. gobluebuckeye on

    You may have heard of a double tap, but ladies and gentlemen this is a double smack. Hammer drops on face; face smacks the cold concrete pillow!! WoW, this should be the reality of anyone willing to take for their own want, what is not theirs.

  2. jjramirez1125 on

    The guy on the left is speaking a foreign language, but when translated says “Hey buddy, I’ve been having trouble with insomnia. Can you help me out?”

  3. hambone12337 on

    I can’t stop watching that video. Its one of the funnyest things IV seen in a long time

  4. Mario Paige on

    Ah bra ull be ight u need a pillow wit that nap ima bring u a asprin to make ur head stop hurtin

  5. TheLivirus on

    This doesn’t look like a robbery at all. Can anyone hear what he says before the slap?

  6. Izzy Evans on

    The dude who got slapped was trying to rob the guy with threats. The other dude wasn’t having it. Thug Life! Haha

  7. lerlo on

    How is he robbing with hands in the pocket. The guy on the right seems to know exactly what to do so he doesnt die though

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