Record breaking marijuana bust and problems with grow in county parks

Do cops actually think they’re helping anyone when they arrest someone for marijuana?
September 8, 2010
How much does medicinal marijuana cost compared to street cost?
September 9, 2010
EnergiE420 asked:



  1. KapitanKapi408 says:

    Close them down no one give a shit let me grow weed.

  2. GaunletofDestruction says:

    I think UAVs would come in handy, flying over these parks to crack down on growers.

  3. alm0sthere says:

    Dumb government get a life and leagalize

  4. mordimiriam says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!

  5. CSHOOLIGAN says:

    I dont understand the logic of using helicopters to find pot when there is not enough money in the budget. I think a helicopter uses alot of expensive fuel. Just because these cops with no real purpose find some pot growing its not going to make any difference. Money spent on bullshit like this could be used to repair roads, or investment in technology. Flying around looking for plants is something a bored billionare can do with his own money.