Priest arrested for drug smuggling at Moscow airport

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April 1, 2013
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April 2, 2013

Priest arrested for drug smuggling at Moscow airport A Colombian priest has been arrested in Moscow for drug smuggling. Anti-narcotic officers say they detained Fabio Ricardo Rodriguez …


  1. maruf92communist says:

    a catholic priest using a condom?

  2. BudDubR says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t find any alter boys in his luggage.

  3. xsnut1 says:

    shoot him

  4. Zaren36 says:

    I am not a expert but that seems a little dangerous.

  5. 10WiseVirgins says:

    he is anglica

  6. Auspicious Light says:


  7. Ojaquet74 says:

    Nooo mr.priest ! We don’t use condoms like that ! I love how they want to ban condoms, but they use it to transport cocain haha

  8. Bravo NovemberHotel says:

    I would be careful condemning this man. He lives in an area that drug dealers have armies and territory. *Maybe* he didn’t do it just for money if you know what I mean.