Prettiest Hitler Ever

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September 16, 2010
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September 16, 2010
xxdrzombiexx asked:

“When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the Flag and carrying a Cross”. Originally written about Ann Coulter, this rock tune is now directed at Sarah Palin and John McCain’s Full-On Republican™ commitment to 4 more years of the same Failed Crap®™.


  1. xxdrzombiexx says:

    @bobbala17 Not really – she’s really bad for America – that’s for real. She’s a rather complete airhead – that’s been established. The bikini pic is photoshop – I didn’t do it, I just…found it on the Net. It has truthiness – not real but is believable. It captures her essence. And she really is supposed to be an attractive attack dog for the GOP, but she fails at that task as well. She a gold-plated idiot.

  2. bobbala17 says:

    So then this is all fiction.

  3. xxdrzombiexx says:

    @bobbala17 Being a republican is as Nazi as she needs to be. It’s enough – you know how they are. The title implies that “Hitler” has evolved to an adjective. It’s art, basically. There’s no such thing as “hitler”. In this artistic framing, it is simply insinuating there is a “Hitlerness about her”. Her purpose in the GOP is to look cute but be an Iron Fist, something she’s too stupid to be able to do. That’s why the mean dogs are in the pix.

  4. bobbala17 says:

    I was trying to help. But I’ll just read intently as you expose her nazihood point by point. Keep up the good work!

  5. xxdrzombiexx says:

    @bobbala17 Palin couldn’t concentrate even at a special camp. But yeah…she’s the master race, fer sure, good buddy. She puts the twit in twitter, don’t she?

  6. bobbala17 says:

    @xxdrzombiexx You mean you have even better proof that she’s a Nazi. Can’t wait to see it! Please let it be concentration camps! I new she wanted to set up concentration camps. Maybe a Palin Youth. Eugenics. She’s creating a master race.

  7. kamphwagon1 says:

    @xxdrzombiexx “Being a dumbas conservative”, it’s not hard to find conservatards here all you have to do is put up a video containing somthing to do with Palin or the Palins, and bingo! lol it’s like puting sugar out, in dosent take long for the flys to show up ! LOL

  8. kamphwagon1 says:

    Well not the prettiest ever I only see about a 5 here, at any rate yeah fascism is always wraped in a flag under the pretence of the country first,with some sort of a scape goat for the whipping boy . the whiping boy is nessasary for a diversion to keep the people occupied while they convince them to give up freedoms and rights all in their best interests and set up a intelligence net alowing citizens to participate in it. Thats how Hitler did it,and how GWB tried with the patroit act !

  9. JimFromWaterford says:

    @xxdrzombiexx – who gives a shit. Awful video.

  10. xxdrzombiexx says:

    @JimFromWaterford Actually the video starts off with a picture of a post office. Perhaps you like the photoshop pic so much you overlooked this fact…..

  11. xxdrzombiexx says:

    @bobbala17 Given your comment about MSNBC, I will surmise you are a rightwinger and that your comment isn’t really praise. Wingnuts are handicapped when it comes to art and have to resort to these sorts of inadequate attempts of snarky humor. Thanks for adding to my viewer stats, though. Always welcome.

  12. bobbala17 says:

    This is easily the best proof ever produced that Palin is in fact a National Socialist, or more commonly called, a Nazi. You should work for MSNBC.

  13. JimFromWaterford says:

    @xxdrzombiexx – It was my pleasure. Thumbs down!

  14. xxdrzombiexx says:

    @JimFromWaterford And thanks for running up my stats on my little video.

  15. xxdrzombiexx says:

    @JimFromWaterford The game is called “being a dumbass conservative” and you play well.


  16. JimFromWaterford says:

    @xxdrzombiexx – I don’t know the game “asswipe”, i’m sure you are the best around. Dosen’t sound like my cup of tea however.

  17. xxdrzombiexx says:

    @JimFromWaterford It’s well-known to you, but a LOT of people NEEDED the blurb that I put in telling them it’s photoshopped.

    Thanks for playing, asswipe.

  18. JimFromWaterford says:

    Funny how this shit video starts off with a known doctored picture.

  19. heyyougooutside says:

    “Prettiest Hitler Ever”.

    Calling her Hitler is an insult… to Hitler.

  20. MandaloretheExile says:

    @Presentyouth i am not in a Jr college and honestly your intelligence level must be lower than a retard u say i am closed minded you wouldn’t even know the first thing about being open minded the way you assume everything it’s as if you look at the world like a child would jumping to conclusions when not knowing facts history is not like science where you can argue a theory there are no theory’s in history just plain old fuck facts that you can’t argue so seriously grow up and learn history

  21. MandaloretheExile says:

    @Presentyouth r u fucking kidding me indoctrination. really that’s your angle sorry but history has no bias it is based on facts.oh and its spelled education by the way maybe u didn’t go to college after all. and my views are not slanted i view things from all sides of the spectrum. clearly u have been misinformed on the subject matter at hand. your ignorance is astounding it’s truly sad that your education is limited. and for someone who claims to be open minded you sure sound closed minded.

  22. Presentyouth says:

    @MandaloretheExile You would have been more in your league by just name calling. Trying to sound educated isn’t working for you. Your mind is closed and you have learned all you’ll ever allow yourself to know in Jr college. Stand back and watch Nov 2010 and learn; whether you like it or not.

  23. Presentyouth says:

    @MandaloretheExile Yes, it’s not funny. You got your educatoin as you call it (although it was actually indoctrination) from the same place I did – left driven public school and college. I decided to open my mind and look further to see if it was all correct or, as it seemed to be, slanted. I, unlike you, was willing to seek and read and find the truth. You are not. I know I am right and I know you are wrong. You only know what the professor says. Whom by the way, was banging your classmates.

  24. MandaloretheExile says:

    @Presentyouth they are not the same thing you are so wrong its not even funny here’s a thought why don’t u go to college and take a history class and i don’t mean an American history class i am talking bout world history then maybe just maybe u might learn something instead of jumping on the band wagon from some fuckheads book of stupidity communism does not = facism buddy and if u truly believe that then i feel sorry for u

  25. MandaloretheExile says:

    @Presentyouth honestly i want to reply to what u said by name calling but there is obviously no point tryin to educate u the only thing the same between communism and facism is there are no elections and there is only one party to vote for but the major difference between them is communism is more of govt control and facism has unrestrained free market and lets corporations run wild how i know this is because iam a history major sorry to burst your bubble of conformity