Police Interview – Illegal Drugs

How can I become a test subject for medicinal marijuana?
September 15, 2010
Contact high (marijuana) at outdoor concert?
September 15, 2010
PolicePrepVideos asked:

www.PolicePrep.com video on Police drug use interview question. Police recruiters may ask you if you have used illegal drugs, such as marijuana, in your past. Be prepared to respond to these questions.


  1. jamesjames900 says:

    Legalize marijuana, crack down on hard drugs. Too many organized marijuana groups. Legalize it, tax it, drive these people out of “business”

  2. mikesglider says:

    A weaselish answer…You’re perfect! Here’s your taser! Go get em’!

  3. nicholasperry56 says:

    This is a class 2 ginger. They are the biggest dicks of any of them, and are the only ones to bear no soul.

  4. MJP1502 says:


  5. lynch390 says:

    How was the interview? What all did they ask you?

  6. alexdjuric says:

    You dragged the answer a bit too long. Just be honest and say yea i did officer, i tried this and that a few years ago.

    With what this guy said, the officer probably thinks he’s trying to cover up for STILL smoking up.

  7. 5959512 says:

    I realize he’s acting but his nonverbal communication is leading me to beleive that he’s not being truthful and his answer sounds very generic/fabricated

  8. UnSkiLd says:

    should you really elaborate that much on it? How can he remember the exact scenario if he was stoned?

  9. jlittleope1 says:

    I have my interview tomorrow and my answer is a little bit shorter “never sir”!… about the only question i’ll pass, haha

  10. giddyupbench says:

    so should i tell them about my other uses or drugs? i have expiremented with a few more than just marijuana if im up front and honest about it does that help?

  11. rinnethia says:

    he is lying

  12. 1998232v6 says:

    I have three interviews this year, and I will have no trouble with this one because i have never tried drugs…but I have drank before under age a few times

  13. purplesaxark says:

    I think that sounded like an honest answer. I say good job.