Obama’s Medical Marijuana Raids Continue. Broken Promises :(


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HashburyNews asked:

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane police have raided a medical marijuana dispensary, shutting down the business and arresting the owners on drug charges. Police said Thursday it was the first time in the state that medical marijuana distributors had been arrested on a change of delivery of a controlled substance. Law officers searched a store called “Change” on Spokane’s north side, plus four private residences. Arrested were “Change” co-owners Scott Q. Shupe and Christopher P. Stevens. They were booked into the Spokane County Jail for delivery of marijuana. Police said the business was selling marijuana to more than 1000 customers. US Attorney General Says Obama’s Promises to End Medical Marijuana Raids… During the 2008 presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama, along with other major Democratic candidates, promised to stop the federal government’s raids on medical cannabis dispensaries. Medical cannabis-related raids continued, in South Lake Tahoe in January and in Mendocino County in February. Several national cannabis advocacy organizations encouraged supporters of medical cannabis to write to President Obama to ask him to stop the raids. Medical cannabis patients became concerned that Obama’s words had merely been an empty campaign promise, or that he could not reign in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). In a February 25th press conference with DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, US Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters that ending federal medical marijuana raids

17 comments on “Obama’s Medical Marijuana Raids Continue. Broken Promises :(

  1. sincitytigger on

    There is such a simple fix to this entire pot problem we as citizens have a very powerful tool at our disposal that we can start enacting right away, and it’s called “JURY NULLIFICATION” gives us the right to deliver not guilty verdict based on the fact that we the people morally disagree with the charges regardless of the facts. Go sign up for jury duty and nullify us all into legal weed bliss. If enough of us did it we would start making national news then “poof” the pot war is over.

  2. checkersq on

    fuck obama just start burning shit down throught your city bust politicians in the head do drive bys on their kids and shit then maybe the bastards will get uncle tom nigger to stop getting paid off by the bilderburgers…see the bilderburgers go along with big oil and big oil knows hemp would wipe out half their profits obama is a dumb fucking nigger if he doesnt think this issue is going to reelect someone else next time. americans might be dumb but we cant stand being lied to..

  3. whatyouchating on

    The medical marijuana laws in California don’t make sense at all but why? It’s like it’s legal and illegal at the same time, why is it so confusing. I herd they might be making it completely legal in California late this year, I hope so.

  4. xjnoisex on

    So acording to miss officer the answer for people complaining about these dispencarys opening up is to open hundreds or thousands of them all catering to 1 patient. Man they can’t even defend their own actions. it’s a plant reefer madness is over I don’t know anyone who still thinks it’s bad.

  5. bushtyranny on

    ilikeguitaralot, I hear Pfizer and Walgreens can only have ten patients each. LOL and we all know they are Non Profit!
    See, with 1,000 pot shops in LA, the DEA was running out of dark windowed vans to monitor traffic in and out. Lets all put the DEA out of work and let them go dig holes for a living. Maybe they’d need Weed for a blown disc in back too.

  6. bushtyranny on

    Only certain DEA Dope Channels can be operated. Its called Organized Crime. And the Mob is the Feds. You Must give them their cut if you want to live your life.
    AFghanistan was just a Opium Control plan so the new addicts from wars/injured troops will be the ones they’ll deal to in future. All part of the NWO plan to control everything you want or need.

  7. lttldblj on

    well the government thinks they can do whatever the fuck they want no matter what we say or even what they them selves say.Cause they are allways saying one thing and doing a nother if we all came together and fought for what we beleve in then ther is nothing they could do.but there are some people who whant it legel but they arnt letting ther voice be herd i have a few words for those people. Let your presence be known. Stand up and fight the establishment not with guns but power in numbers!!!!

  8. VictoryCough on

    Should we do this with alcoholics as well?

    Have you no respect for our constitution?

    People like you are the reason the current evil and immoral politicians are ruining this country!

  9. dcjhrj on

    i say lock up the straight people whose only high is hatred, power, self-glory and more power.. throw the damn key away

  10. thomas242007 on

    i would love to open a medical marijuana caregiver business, but in my state there are no medical laws damn oklahoma

  11. Ilikeguitaralot on

    1,000 patients? lol… no wonder they got raided. Being a resident in California and considering opening a dispensary myself, I know here the law is that the dispenary must be “nonprofit” which by CA state standards you’re capped at making 50k a year. It seems the only clinics still being raided are those whose owners are capitalizing on profits and taking advantage of the medicinal marijuana dispensary system.

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