Obama: ‘Bigger Fish to Fry’ than Pot Busts

March 24, 2013
Obama: “Bigger Fish to Fry” Federal Government Won’t Challenge Marijuana Laws
March 24, 2013

Obama: 'Bigger Fish to Fry' than Pot BustsIn an exclusive interview with ABC News, President Barack Obama told Barbara Walters federal law enforcement has ‘bigger fish to fry.’


  1. EndoSmoke16 says:

    Put cannabis in schedule 2 and then it would be legal 4 recreational and medicinal

  2. EndoSmoke16 says:

    This nigga won’t keep his promise like before

  3. distantrhythm says:

    Tell that to Matthew Davies, Mr. President!

  4. MB7rock says:

    The biggest fish of all to fry is you – Maobama.