Obama- ‘Bigger fish to fry’ than go after pot smokers — MSNBC

wild pot grass reefer bud marijuana growing next to highway in iowa THC plant
March 28, 2013
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March 28, 2013

Obama- 'Bigger fish to fry' than go after pot smokers — MSNBCObama- ‘Bigger fish to fry’ than go after pot smokers — MSNBC Good news for marijuana users in Colorado and Washington: President Obama says the feds are not…


  1. iamavet says:

    Pres Obama proves that marijuana makes a person incompetent.

  2. pennjersey83 says:

    lies! Obama has increased the war on drugs over the past 4 years

  3. ripcitiboi says:

    The founding fathers grew pot and most likely smoked it. I see no problem with marijuana as long as your 21 years old because it can affect your brain development in your teen years if you use it too much.

  4. iamavet says:

    What made Obama incompetent?
    Also why can’t people smoke cigars in outdoor public parks (like NY tried to) or smoke in public housing in Washington State, but can smoke pot?
    Any smoke in lungs is bad for your health.