NH narcs surveil drenched marijuana rally – 2 of 2

Agents Conduct Regional Marijuana Bust
September 19, 2010
Poll: What would it take to make you happier than monkeys with a prescription for medicinal marijuana?
September 19, 2010
RidleyReport asked:

Sponsor: FreeKeene.com – Excitement picks up as freedom activists endure not only heavy rain but a police unit sent to surveil them. This happend in Nashua, New Hampshire. Stand by for Link to part 1 ______________ How you can buy an ad: RidleyReport.com The trip to videotape this event… was specifically commmissioned, by FreeKeene.com marijuana pot ron paul cannabis culture ridleyreport libertarian police bud new hampshire bowl. staters drug war on drugs free state project rain storm nh downpour dave ridley report flooding flood emergency liberty 420 celebrations live free or die narcotics officers narcs cops, rain heat fuzz drug bust undercover surveillance surveils barry cooper marc emery flooding. ron paul free state project cannabis narcs victimless crimes marijuana police cops drug war on drugs nashua new hamsphire


  1. ShroomSamich says:

    all undercover cops drive impalas, lmao even in canada

  2. smokerider says:


  3. jdawnnow123 says:

    It use to be peace and love but decades of being opressed and discriminated agaisnt will do that!

  4. candiceevans1 says:

    it will be legal because by the time our kids are older there wont be any nutcases who saw refer madness back in 1802

  5. infowazz says:

    Sad how its legal to grow in California and then the whole police state machine is used against we the people when it might end up being legal years from now.

    They create this tech surveillence grid, pass heinous laws, train people to carry out these laws, brainwash people with tv to comply and be lazy, while bombarding us with so much crap we can barely recognize reality anymore

    Planes linked to the CIA crash with tons of cocaine. Army grows poppy plants in Afghanistan…..c’mon

  6. eastcoaster54 says:

    they were gonna have 100 people at the rally…. it rained….20 never showed because they got stoned and forgot….20 showed up in the rain because theyre friends were too stoned to remember to tell them it was reschedueled…..20 more showed up the next day wondering where everyone else was……and soooo on

  7. mbenson2790 says:

    why would new hampshire need narcs????

  8. thefolkwitch says:

    Im confused about this..What exactly is the point here. I am not being sarcastic. i was arrested in w chesterfield for getting caught smoking pot, I had too much paranoia after that..But my question is..dont you expect to be arrested if you are doing what is illegal out in the open? I suppose I should watch more of your vids to understand..:)

  9. CurtHowland says:

    @SSILENTNATION “I am not the eyes of the police”

    Well you sure put yourself forward as the expert, glad you have to admit you don’t know what you’re talking about.


    @CurtHowland Who knows….I am not the eyes of the police…maybe he was doing something else besides smoking dope….maybe he is well known to them – maybe he is selling it…maybe he flashed his wee wee at someone…maybe he has a warrant – who knows. Go to the guy’s arraignment and find out for yourself.

  11. CurtHowland says:

    @SSILENTNATION Why aren’t the police enforcing the law?

    Each and every person smoking pot there “should” be arrested, right? That’s the law.

    So the police are not doing their jobs.

  12. CurtHowland says:

    That is so funny. Scared off by cameras.

  13. RidleyReport says:

    also chickens are almost fearless… you cant even make them run away from you.


    @slewofdamascus Well what were they doing sitting in that car that was so intrusive/offensive that one would feel compelled to march over and shout over a bullhorn? Of course they are there….these people advertise they will be there – they advertise they are going to smoke pot – some advertise on here a promise of violence. I am glad they are there….I am also glad they had enough restraint to not really bother anyone. Make up your mind…do you want them there to shout at, or not

  15. slewofdamascus says:

    @SSILENTNATION “doing nothing it all” – what a load of disengenuous nonsense, and if it weren’t so disengenuous, I might be compelled to take your message seriously. That same vehichle followed their convoy when they left – so obviously, they weren’t there “doing nothing at all”. They were wasting taxpayer money, probably federal dollars, but in any case, an afront to what a free society should tolerate.


    @wait887 Such negative thinking. What makes you think it would get that bad. NH is a small state – and local cops are just as much a part of the community as you. Circling them like vulchers when they haven’t even done anything is bullying….and everyone of you would have a heartattack if they pulled this shit with you. Clear cut bullying….using force in numbers to exert your perceived power – I find it disgusting. WHY DON’T YOU CHANGE THE LAW INSTEAD OF BATTLING THE POLICE?!

  17. wait887 says:

    @SSILENTNATION Should we wait until it is that bad? Or do something about it now?

  18. Ericson578 says:

    Start a campaign to reduce the police force, they obviously don’t have enough to do and it would save money. Has a free stater tried running for sherif?


    @AinSophAur31 – Exactly!


    @slewofdamascus Harassment……you mean like when a person is sitting in a car doing nothing at all…and a group of chuckling drones dressed like hobos come over to you with a bullhorn and shouting? New ussr….you people don’t know shit about U.S. history and how well all these cops have treated those arrested in NH as in comparison to other aggressive states, countries and olden golden days.


    Again – two cops, sitting in car, well away from your little pointless protest….so the whole group decides to walk way over to them and try to start shit. One of them is reading a book or something for God’s sake. Ian Bernard Freeman on that bullhorn is the dirtiest hypocrite of the entire bunch…he cries when the police show up, and now cries when the police are in the area doing nothing at all – acting all bad ass leader with his little group of chuckling dimwits in tow.

  22. mottoncouthUSA says:

    The red sox are coming! and there they go!

  23. mottoncouthUSA says:

    The red sox are coming!

  24. rataMacue22 says:


  25. hibraisil says:

    @rataMacue22 Please tell me more about this.